Honeymoon in Colombia

Colombia, a place to fall in love

One's heart beats faster with the sound of the waves, or of the hooves of the horses drawing their carriages through the streets as if we were still living in the 18th century. We tingle with happiness at the discovery of buildings, churches and houses which have been there for almost 200 years. We see a sense of and euphoria complicity in the eyes of our companion, finding ourselves in a place to fall in love, a place we never dreamt of.

Barivchara, Rosario, Monserrate, Tayrona, Villa de Leyva, Guatavita and Salento are just a few of those resonant names of places which seduce couples, and bring them memorable moments. A honeymoon, an anniversary or a special occasion in the setting of these scenarios, so full of history and magic, becomes a truly unforgettable experience.

Beaches in Paradise, walls that tell a tale

Cartagena de Indias

romantic colombia honeymoonOne of the most special places to fall in love is the walled city of Cartagena. Trotting along in a horse-drawn carriage, you pass through the historic streets of colorful and majestic houses, in a place which was once Colombia’s most important port.

Just a short walk will be enough to start to discover the stories of heroism and the loves of Spanish colonial days. Cartagena’s peculiar architecture has been the backdrop or stage for films and books that tell the most passionate stories of love, pirates and heroes.

A restaurant, a cafe, a bar - all different, but all full of that Caribbean mystique which moves to the sound of the accordion, the pipe, the drum and the castanets - moves the body, brings a smile to the eyes, to the tune of the romantic stories of vallenato music and other local music.

Providencia y Santa Catalina

Here too we find Paradise on islands and beaches. Providencia has sunsets which for a few instances convert a blue sea to a blaze of orange red and yellow.

On this island, and its sister Santa Catalina, have the privilege of being a natural paradise both above the water, and below it. Both perfect for couples to enjoy a dive!

In Providencia there is the enchantment of the local culture which invites you to dance, and nature which comes alive with birdsong at dawn, while you sleep in a romantic cabin.

Spend an afternoon on the beach, then, don't miss the walk over towards Santa Catalina across the Puente de los Enamorados (Lovers’ Bridge), to come into contact with a place that has never seen an automobile.

The Pacific

If you want to get lost in nature, and lose all contact with the world in outside, you should go to the Colombian Pacific. Here, far from everywhere, and with your eyes open only to the sea and its rushing waves, this is the perfect place for eating out by moonlight, walking along the beach, a glimpse of the mating whales, watching their children being born in the waters of Bahia Solano and Nuqui.

The Rosario Islands

Another island of dreams is Isla Grande, in the Rosario Archipelago, close to Cartagena. This natural sanctuary is the setting of a hotel far from the bustle of the city, perfect for a few days privacy, and delicious meals with the murmur of the sea as the only soundtrack.

In Isla Grande, there is the enchanted Lake of San Pedro de Majagua which on a moonless night glows with the movement swimmers. Just pass your hand over the surface of the water, and the entire lake will light up. This is a magical experience for any couple to share, in the memory (and not in a photograph album).

colombia honeymoon

Memorable trips and farmhouses for adventurous couples

Arrive at the top of a mountain, go trekking through the trees, and end the day on a floating house - this could be one of the best of plans for two people in love. The beauty of the scenery is there before you through the windows: snow-capped mountains and rushing rivers.

The Amazon

You can spend the night swinging in a hammock over the waters of the Amazon, when you stay in the floating house which and sails up and down the river day after day. In the afternoons, you can walk through the exotic jungle in with the air filled with the cries of monkeys and birds, and you can try out a wide range of dishes which takes the best of Colombian, Brazilian and Peruvian cooking.

Nevado del Ruiz

There’s no doubt about it, Nevado del Ruiz is one of the most romantic settings in Colombia. Climb the mountain, arrive in the snow, and conquer the peak in the hands of your true love - a truly fulfilling and edifying experience. The hotels are romantic and warm, perfect for sitting by the fire in the evening, drinking hot chocolate, Colombian coffee, or wine.

The Coffee Triangle

Close to the Nevado, and in the Coffee Triangle, you will find these marvellous old mansions of the coffee farms, infused with the aroma of Colombia's most famous product. Each of them is different, the details of decoration are there to keep alive the times when these houses were built.

Clay tiles, white walls, colorful window frames and doors along the corridors around them - this is the way that the coffee farmers decorate the mountains, bamboo stands and coffee plantations. All this, and the pleasant manner of the local population - the paisas -a memorable setting for falling in love.

Among these farmhouses we find El Bosque del Saman, Hacienda Venecia, Sazagua, Castilla and San Jose, offering attractive accommodation to travelers, looking for a perfect place for lovers.

Hacienda el Paraíso

One of the most famous of these farms - because of its history - is El Paraíso, in Valle del Cauca. It is a place which appears in the novel La Maria by Jorge Isaacs, and the farmhouse is the setting of one of the most famous love stories in Latin American literature.


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