Honeymoon in Guatemala

Where you say I do can add an important dimension to a wedding ceremony.

Central Americans and others are flocking to such romantic spots as Antigua or even the Tikal National Park to tie the knot.

Imagine being wed in the tumbledown ruins of a colonial era church (getting there by horse-drawn coach of course), or in a millennia-old Maya courtyard (getting there by 4X4). Even if you should choose another country for the wedding ceremony, Guatemala is an ever popular choice for honeymooners.

The beach in the daytime, a crackling fireplace in a colonial home, the volcanoes at night, all are available for honeymooners in Guatemala.


Without a doubt a very pleasant stroll in the marine atmosphere can be found, with bays, beaches with white sands, stunning surroundings and multiple scenic places.

These include Punta de Cocolí, Playa Blanca, Santo Tomás Bay and Balneafama. The Bay also offers natural recreation. A link between the fresh water from the continent and the salty one of the sea. It forms a strange world with attractions for all the senses. Ideal to row, to sail or take a motor boat, to swim, to fish and to enjoy a Caribbean plate of food, to walk, to photograph and to observe birds of sea or the jungle.


Blue River

It is located in the Northeast of the Petén Department, right next to the Mexico and  Belize borders. In the dry season, the journey from Tikal, by paths, takes  approximately five hours. The apogee period was the Latest Pre-classic (250 B.C. to 250 A.D.).

Dulce River

Starting at Castillo de San Felipe located at the encounter with the sea close to Livingston; you will find amazing paradise places of extraordinary beauty. Among the hot sun from the tropics, the breeze from the sea, and the Caribbean humidity, this large territory concentrates the essence of this region.

Bocas del Polochic, a Wild Life Reserve

It is a protected area at the delta shore of Polochic River. You will find underwater land, small rivers, forests, and a lot of flora and fauna. This place constitutes spectacular scenery and an amazing wild life area.

Sarstún River

It is located as a division between Belize and Izabal; it constitutes a historical route with an invaluable tourist scene. The route is fulfilled of mangroves and jungle, which connects Modesto Mendez town with Amatique Bay.

Las Escobas River

This river starts at the San Gil Mountains creating waterfalls, fast rivers and beautiful places with no comparison. It flows up to Santo Tomas Bay, in the middle of fresh water small lagoons.

It is not exaggerating to said that Izabal is nothing else than a paradise. It is also true to affirm that wherever visitors go they will find enough reasons to spend a good time.

Semuc Champey

It is located in the Lanquín Municipality over the Cahabón River. Semuc Champey is built by a natural bridge of stone of approximately 500 meters of extension inside it the Cahabon River immerses in this place known as siguán. In the surface are formed 7 emerald swimming pools from 1 to 3 meters deep, feeding by spring from the mountains. These swimming pools are located in a small canyon formed by sedimentary and limestone rock founded in the highlands of the Polochic Valley. By the characteristics of the warm subtropical very humid forest, there is a range of flora and arboreal canopy. The access to this site is by an unpaved road, in good condition, passable all the year and from there until Semuch Champey (8 kilometers) in double transmission vehicle or on foot.

Los Esclavos River

It is a current of this territory which is divided into two longitudinal halves.
There are many pleasant and refreshing swimming pools located along the river where visitors can do camping or have delicious and quiet nights under the moonlight or the stars.


Amatitlán Lake

It is located 32 kilometers from Guatemala City on Inter-American Road. It possesses around 15 square kilometers of surface area and constitutes the most relevant natural feature in Guatemala department. The local fair is celebrated on May 3.

Atitlán Lake

It is considered one of the most beautiful in the world by the famous novelist Aldous Huxley. The Lake is 144 kilometers from Guatemala City and without a doubt the most important landmark in Sololá and one of the best known in Guatemala.

Three spectacular volcanoes, Tolimán, Atitlán and San Pedro form the natural frame of the Lake itself. It has a surface of 125 square kilometers and is settled on 1,560 meters above sea level. The Lake complements its beauty with roads, beaches, riverside towns, mountains and panoramic volcanoes. It offers excellent opportunities to practice sport fishing, sailing, kayaking, free falls, aquatic skiing and natural recreation, as well as visiting the Mayan population of the surrounding area.

Lemoa Lagoon

The Lemoa Lagoon, is named “El espejo de Santa Cruz”. It is located six  kilometers from Departmental Head, at the side of the asphalt road that goes to Chichicastenango. Here you can fish with hook and line or bathe. It is surrounded by fragrant pines, in the shadow of which have been built small cabins and places to cook. It is ideal for camping days, to enjoy the wet ground aroma or the fresh wind  that blows between the pines.

Chicabal Lake

It is located in the volcano summit with the same name. It constitutes a nice walk and easy to fulfill. Occasionally, you can observe local culture.

Izabal Lake

It is the largest in the country, surrounded by beautiful beaches: El Estor, Mariscos, Dorada Beach and exuberant vegetation, the reason why it offers to the visitor a great beauty panorama, it is a sailing lake and can also form considerable waves.


Pacaya Volcano National Park

The Pacaya volcano is located between the Guatemala and Escuintla departments. To get there, take the CA-9 highway head to south coast, and make a left turn in 37km to San Vicente Pacaya municipality. It has more than 30 years expulsing pyroplastic materials, typical of a Stromboli an eruption. Its height is 2500 meters, that is why it takes around 1:30 hrs to ascend. It also has a secondary conduct named “Pico Mackenney”; besides of this eruptive focus, it has three peaks locally known as Cerro Chino, Cerro Grande, and Cerro Chiquitó.

Agua Volcano

It is a classic visit for those who love to climb. It is ideal for amateurs. It is the sixth highest volcano of the country but it has easy access. There is a rustic place at the top to overnight. At the top, it is pleasantly cold.

Acatenango & Fuego Volcanoes

They are located together, but the second is in constant activity. The Acatenango is the third highest volcano in the country.
The particular conformation of its summits, that form a set of three peaks, give it the name “triple ascent”. It is an unforgettable and memorable stroll for experts.

Santa Maria Volcano

This is the favorite of climbers, experts and amateurs, because it represents a magnificent challenge.

Tajumulco and Tacaná Volcanoes

Among the great variety of volcanoes in  Guatemala, we mention two of great importance; Tajuculco, with an altitude of 4,200 meters over sea level and Tacaná, with an altitude of 4,093 meters over sea level, located both in this department, being at the same time the highest volcanoes in Central America.
In Tajumulco municipality are numerous attractions. One of these is the waterfall of Cuzulchimá River, of almost  60 meters altitude. There are also thermal water spas, with medicinal fame, and very visited.

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