Honeymoon in Honduras

Honduras, a vibrant country, brimming with clear turquoise waters, pristine beaches, lush jungles, breathtaking mountains, challenging rivers, and fascinating ancient ruins.

Vast expanses of mother nature are to be found everywhere. We welcome you here to learn more about this beautiful country, explore all its wonders, and eventually, see Honduras for yourself.

Ecotours, inexpensive scuba diving, river rafting, and mountain treks are what Honduras is known for today. Honduras is enjoying a boom in popularity, as the rich and famous have found a place where they can still travel unknown.

The Country of Honduras is home to people from various ancestries, from the Mayan Indians, who left us the Copan Ruins archaeological site (considered one of the most artistically advanced and detailed of all Mayan cities) to the Garifuna communities (known in Europe as the Black Caribs) which are found today on the Island of Roatan, Cayos Cochinos, and costal towns within Honduras.

First time visitors to Honduras are amazed by the warmth of Honduran hospitality. Returning travelers have never forgotten it.


Honduras is strategically located in the heart of Central America, surrounded by high tropical mountains. The mountainous topography contributes to the diversity of climates. Its northern border is the Caribbean Sea, offering long stretches of beautiful beach, warm weather and friendly people. Just off the coast, the Bay Islands are surrounded by the world’s second largest coral reef. To the south, Honduras is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and El Salvador, to the west by Guatemala and to the east by Nicaragua. The country’s current population is estimated at 7 million people.

What to do

Exploration. Relaxation. Adventure. It’s all here. Explore the ancient wonders of Copan, what some call the Paris of ancient Maya cities. Fly hundreds of feet above the rainforest on a zip line through dense canopy. Or spend time in the Bay Islands, catching your breath in a place that is forever taking it away with its breathtaking sunsets and white sand. Test your nerve in La Ceiba against the raging Rio Cangrejal, a magnificent river with harrowing rapids that winds through lush jungle. There is a litany of things to see and do here, and a lifetime of memories to be made.

Where to stay

There are so many lodging options to choose from in Honduras. Stay luxuriously in a lavish resort with world-class service served with an international flair. Stay stylish in one of the many designer boutique hotels with design sensibilities influenced by everything from Italian Nuevo to Spanish Castile. You’re sure to find the perfect place to call your home away from home in Honduras.


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