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Whether you dream of love by the sea or on the steps of a historic great house, Jamaica has the perfect spot for you to celebrate your nuptials with a destination wedding and honeymoon.

Inn-timate Weddings & Honeymoons

The sights, sounds and flavours of a Jamaican wedding and honeymoon are as varied and vivid as the imagination. Our immaculate white sands, sparkling waterfalls and rivers, majestic mountains and multi-coloured gardens create magical settings in which to celebrate your special occasion. Nestled in our hills or on our beaches, we have a wide range of delightful accommodations that will nurture your romance, exceeding all your expectations.

Many of our resorts are all-inclusive with packages that include your room, meals, drinks, activities and even the wedding ceremony itself. As well as these popular resorts, you also have your pick of small hotels, inns and villas that promise a more intimate, more personal experience. These charming accommodations give you the chance to have a unique Jamaican wedding and honeymoon, that’s not confined to a property or package. It’s all up to you! Fashion everything to your dreams. Work closely with a local wedding co-ordinator to ensure the ceremony is what you have always envisioned. Limited only by the scope of your imagination and budget, the possibilities are endless…

Choose from exquisite villas, where you can hide away from the world and lose yourselves in each other; or opt to stay at a cosy inn, where you will enjoy the pampering of your friendly hosts. You may also try the luxury of an old-fashioned hotel, catering to your every whim.

Whatever your choice, these vacation gems will help you take advantage of Jamaica’s diverse offerings. On your wedding day, you may arrange for a bridal bouquet of freshly picked tropical flowers or ask a village baker to whip you up a scrumptious Jamaican wedding-cake. You can even request a Mento band to play for you while you dance together for the first time as husband and wife. It’s your wedding; let it all flow according to your wishes.

You may exchange vows over the Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio; at Lovers Leap, near the South Coast’s rugged edge; or on Negril’s cliffs at sunset. Or you may select a secret garden in Ocho Rios, a stately old church in Kingston, or an elegant great house in Montego Bay. To think…these are just a few of the possibilities for a memorable event.

Our resort areas each have a special charm and all are perfect for an unforgettable honeymoon. Let Portie’s quiet allure and natural beauty cast its romantic spell; be captivated by Negril’s seven-mile stretch of powdery sand, or relax under one of Ocho Rios’s many waterfalls. Discover the South Coast, and let wild things happen or create a shared past in Jamaica’s historic capital city, Kingston.

Float down a quiet river on a bamboo raft made for two, bicycle along misty mountain trails, pick up a honeymoon memento at a local craft market or enjoy a candlelit dinner at a beachside restaurant. At night, make ‘riddims’ of your own at a local reggae club…

Here in this one-love paradise, the perfect, inn-timate wedding and honeymoon awaits you…

Three Quick Tips


Seek local help. Whether you're planning a big wedding at an all-inclusive resort or an intimate ceremony at the top of a cliff - don't make decisions solely based on Internet sources or information from your planner or travel agent back home. Talk to our Wedding Concierge and/or hire a local wedding coordinator who knows the lay of the land to ensure everything comes together as smoothly as possible.


Planning an off-season wedding or honeymoon can help you save big. Since Jamaica's tropical climate does not vary from season to season, planning a wedding or honeymoon anytime from May to December can save those couples with budgetary concerns up to 40% on hotels and other costs.


Shop around for the best deals. Choices abound when it comes to wedding and honeymoon destinations, venues and vendors. Whether you plan to purchase a wedding or honeymoon package, or take the more independent route, shop around and explore all the possible options.

Find an Eco-paradise for Lovers in the Gardens of Ocho Rios

Interested in planning an outdoor wedding? Up for a little honeymoon excursion? There's no more picturesque setting for romance than the gardens of Ocho Rios.

Often called the "garden parish", St Ann overflows with colourful tropical flowers and lush greenery. There are several beautiful public gardens in and around Ocho Rios, the parish's tourism capital. A walk through these gardens reveals sculpted grounds with exotic plants, cool tropical rainforests brimming with countless species of ferns, up-close views of gushing waterfalls and rivers, and encounters with fish, birds and butterflies.

Coyaba River Garden

Coyaba River Garden gets its name from an Arawak word meaning paradise or heaven - so it's no wonder it's become a popular place to say "I do". Nestled in the hills, the small manicured garden displays a variety of flowering plants and vines, ferns and trees. Water plays an important role in the garden's ambiance, and shallow crystal-clear streams and ponds crisscross the grounds. After you roam Coyaba's garden, browse the gift shop, enjoy a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee at the courtyard cafe or take a tour of the museum, which displays many artefacts, including bits of Arawak pottery, a mantrap from the 19th century, Spanish water jars and 16th century maps.

Cranbrook Flower Forest

Cranbrook Flower Forest is a garden within a park, and is a popular picnic spot. The 130-acre property holds a working nursery, four lawns with barbeque areas and swings, a diverse collection of plants, fishing ponds stocked with tilapia, and a river coursing through the property. The main garden is a horticulturist's dream, with thousands of plant species parked along trails and in a greenhouse. There's also an area where numerous rare varieties of palms grow, including the Triangle Palm and the Traveller's Palm. The garden aside, Cranbrook's main attraction is the riverhead, where the Little River gushes out from its underground source into a natural swimming pool - perfect for a refreshing dip after a romantic stroll!

Shaw Park Gardens

High on the hills overlooking Ocho Rios, Shaw Park Gardens offers a breathtaking view of the seaside town, making it a popular setting for special events. The property was originally a part of Shaw Park Estate, which was owned by a Jamaican family until the 20th century when it became the site of one the earliest hotels on the Jamaican north coast. Today, the 25-acre property has lovely gardens that slope downhill and run alongside a cascading waterfall.

So whether you're interested in planning an eco-wedding or just a romantic day-trip, come experience the natural beauty and splendour of Jamaica’s garden parish.

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