Honeymoon in Andorra

Andorra, a small country with a lot going for it

Most of the population lives in the Principality’s two main cities, Andorra la Vella and Escaldes, which, together with Pas de la Casa, are also the main commercial centres of Andorra. Major towns include Encamp and Sant Julià de Lòria, which have relatively large populations but are less commercially-orientated than the capital and its surrounding area.

Catalan is the sole official language for administrative purposes. However, Spanish is commonly spoken, as are French and Portuguese, albeit to a much lesser extent.

Culture and traditions


Throughout the year, Andorran cultural tradition is revived in the festes majors of towns and villages across the Principality and at a range of commemorative events.

Almost all festivals and popular traditions coincide with religious festivals and with natural cycles and seasons:

St George’s Day (St Jordi), with its traditional gifts of roses for women and books for men.

The festa del Poble, celebrated on St John’s Day (St Joan) and marking the summer solstice.

The festa de Sant Esteve (St Stephen), patron saint of the parish of Andorra la Vella.

St Lucia’s Fair, where nativity figures and typical Christmas products are traditionally sold.

Art galleries. Enjoy the works of international and local artists. Come and visit our art galleries.

AndorraChurches. Although Andorra is only a small Principality, it has more than forty Romanesque churches. Come and see them for yourselves!

Cultural festivals. Andorra has a wide leisure selection, with music, dance and theatre, as well as local festivals.

Cultural tours. The Romanesque Andorra, Rural Habitat and Iron tours will show you Andorra from different perspectives.

Monuments. Roman bridges, the Meritxell Sanctuary and the Casa de la Vall are just some of the monuments not to miss during your stay in Andorra.

Museums. The number and variety of museums in Andorra will show you a different side of the Principality.

Practical Information

Shopping in Andorra

If you would like to know what to wear this season, Andorra’s shops have the latest collections, clothes, accessories, sports... – everything you could possibly imagine!

AndorraAccess to Andorra: documentation and visas

Andorra does not require visas of any nationality. However, in order to arrive in Andorra, it is necessary to go either through Spain or through France, all the nationalities who do not belong to the Schengen area must find out whether they need a visa to enter or to leave the countries that form part of the Schengen agreement. The type of visa will depend on the country of origin of each visitor, although the most common is double or multiple entry visas.


The currency used in Andorra is the euro, although, for the present time, the Principality does not issue its own euros. You have money exchange and automatic cash machines in any bank entity. The use of international credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express, are accepted.


Forests packed with adventures, climbing, canyoning, via ferratas, guided trips…

Andorra is the country of mountain climbing. Don’t forget to bring your climbing shoes…

Come and find out about our historical heritage, which is bound to our natural heritage…

Ski resorts. Andorra offers a wide variety of ski resorts and off-piste activities for visitors of all ages.


Andorra has a high mountain climate with Mediterranean influences. Temperatures are low in the winter and mild in the summer, with significant variations depending on altitude and orientation.

Andorra has a high percentage of sunshine and a generally dry climate.

The average annual minimum temperature is -2ºC and the average maximum is 24ºC. The highest rainfall is recorded in the autumn, while winter precipitation is largely snow.


Visitors to Andorra will have opportunities all year round to become acquainted with its traditional old cuisine.


Local dishes and recipes: Trinxat, river trout, game, escudella, allioli, a range of cured meats (including donja, bringuera, bull and bisbe), coques and wild mushrooms are some of the specialities of Andorran cuisine.

We invite you to savour a traditional Andorran dish with chicken. The wide selection of poultry in Catalan areas means there are different recipes including chicken and different poultry varieties.


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