Honeymoon in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, a Eurasian country with an ancient culture

The miraculous country of Azerbaijan has unlimited natural resources, centuries-old culture, history and ancient people, whose lifestyle presents a unique and harmonious combination of the traditions and ceremonies of different cultures and civilizations.

Azerbaijan is a geographical name. On the one hand this name is linked with the population, which lived in this region for thousand of years before our era, and who were mostly fire-worshippers. Local population considered that fire was their God and so they worshipped the fire. "Azer" means fire. The Turkic name "Azer" was used for this territory for a long time. The word "Azer" consists of two parts - "az" and "er". In Turkic languages, "az" means a good intention and a fate of success. Thus, the word "Azer" means "a brave man", "a brave boy", "the fire keeper". The word "Azerbaijan" originates from the name of an ancient Turkish tribe, who resided in those territories.

azerbaijanAzerbaijan is one of the most ancient sites of humankind. Humankind was present here at every stage of its historical development. There were living settlements in Azerbaijan even at the earliest stages of humankind. Azerbaijan made its own contribution into the establishment of the current culture and civilization, progress and dialectics.

The time kept a range of ancient archeological and architectural monuments for us. The ancient headstones, manuscripts and models of carpets, preserved to the present times from the ancient ages, can provide much information to those who can and want to read them. If you wish to understand Azerbaijan and to know everything about it, you need to look at this country and its people with a friend's eyes.

Azerbaijan is a country of ancient culture. The Oguz tribes which moved here and stayed for ages, have found a deeply rooted culture and in their turn enriched it with Turkic national traditions. The talented and creative powers of our nation are personified in such epic monuments as "Kitabi-Dede Gorgud", "Oguzname" "Keroglu" and many others.

This fertile, generous and friendly land was the home of many thinkers, philosophers, scientists, poets, architects, musicians and artists.

The country of Azerbaijan was immortalized by such talented painters as Sattar Bahlulzade, Tahir Salahov, Togrul Narimanbeyov, and Mikayil Abdullayev.

azerbaijan natureIt seems that the famous Azerbaijan carpets are the incarnation of all colors of nature and of all signs of history. Today, these carpets magically pass the borders of time and space and travel from Azerbaijan to foreign countries far away. Models of the decorative art made by Azerbaijan craftsmen from metal, ceramic, silk and wood are kept in many museums of the world.

Azerbaijan has always been famous for its sources of eternal fires - the atashgehs. There is a place called Yanardag (blazing mountain) in Absheron and thermal springs in some parts of Nakhichivan, Kelbejar, Masali, Lenkoran, Babadag.

Azerbaijan is characterized by a diverse landscape. There are two major forms of landscape - plains and mountains.

azerbaijanMinor Caucasus is formed by Jurassic and Cretaceous volcanogene and sedimentary rocks. The dense river system of the country covers its territory like a blue spider's web. Azerbaijan accounts for 8,400 small and large rivers, including 850 over 5 kilometers in length. But there are only 24 rivers extending to over 100 kilometers.

Azerbaijan has a rich flora. Almost all types of plants, found in the world are spread on the territory of this relatively small country.

The Caspian Sea, the largest enclosed water basin in the world, is of great importance for the Azerbaijani people. It has a unique physical and geographical properties. It should be noted that the flora and fauna of the Caspian Sea are rich in endemic species.

Currencyazerbaijan food

The national currency is the Azerbaijan Manat.

About our cuisine

The history of Azerbaijani cuisine is as ancient as its people are. Azerbaijani culinary is quite different from the others by its historical roots and originality. Azerbaijani meals are famous world-wide for their high quality and taste. They may not be mixed up with others. Azerbaijani meals are mainly close to the Eastern cuisine for their taste and method of preparation, as well as adding strong species and savoury additions.

The majority of our national meals are cooked from beef, mutton and chicken. Meals made from forcemeat have spread more.

Piti, one of the national meals, is served directly in a pot, in which it was cooked.


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