Honeymoon in Denmark

Welcome to Scandinavia

The Scandinavian countries have a shared culture, but they are also unique and different. Take full advantage of your trip to Northern Europe and explore the capitals of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. All three cities are four-season destinations where each season has its own charm.

Scandinavia represents the perfect Nordic vacation blend. There is something of interest to people of all ages - whether it’s enjoying the beautiful and unspoiled scenery of the fjords in Norway or getting lost in the fascinating history and vibrant culture of Stockholm and Copenhagen. Scandinavia: one vacation, three countries.



Copenhagen is the modern and charming metropolis that never forgot its history. It's a captivating, friendly city where your senses can roam and where there's always something wonderful around the next corner. Visit the Little Mermaid, Tivoli and the Queen's residence—and kick back at the board walk cafes and restaurants in Nyhavn. A round trip of the inner city is easily managed on foot and its old, cobbled streets provide an evocative backdrop to a thriving cultural scene, with its art galleries, museums, music and theatres. Europe’s longest city pedestrian street, Strøget, winds its way through the inner city, with its shops full of world-class Danish design, fashions and much more...

And then there are the royal castles, the parks, the squares and the plazas. Not to mention our precious pearl, Nyhavn, the New Harbor. The actual founding of the city, though, dates to 1167 A.D., when Bishop Absalon built a fortress on Slotsholmen. At the Tycho Brahe Planetarium, you can experience breathtaking natural phenomena. A fairy-tale universe unfolds for you at Tivoli Gardens, where amusements, concert performances, and a profusion of flowers await.


Odense is over a thousand years old. It's a beautiful and lively city full of open areas; its leisurely, relaxed atmosphere and a wealth of musical and other cultural attractions make Odense an ideal vacation spot.

copenhagenThe art collection on show at the Funen Art Museum in Odense is one of the oldest and largest outside the capital.

The Funen Village is an open-air museum that presents a Funen village milieu as it appeared in the time of Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875).


Highly creative culinary minds and the best quality raw ingredients from the local area have brought the food culture in Århus to a new gastronomic peak.

denmarkWith ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum in the forefront Aarhus has experienced a sharp upsurge in its art scene. But also the city's galleries and cultural environments have experienced a boom.

Are you into wild rides, learning new things or feeding the deer in the forest? We have a lot of suggestions on what you can experience.

Why not take a couple of days off to enjoy life in Jutland peninsula's exciting and vibrant main city.

Revivifying oases in the city. Århus is a city boasting an impressive number of revivifying oases and sanctuaries where you can enjoy life. From the re-opened river in the heart of the city to the Marselisborg Memorial Park; from the old wooden-ships harbour to The Botanical Gardens.

Art & Culture

The blending of cultures combined with the special Danish dynamic between past and present manifests itself explicitly in our art and culture.

As the country that links Scandinavia with continental Europe, Denmark has always benefited from a unique stream of cultural influences.

Danish design

Danish design is renowned for its simplicity and timelessness. See it in both museums and in live action in Denmark.


The history of the Vikings has always been a source of great fascination. The image of the Vikings as blond, blue-eyed and fearless warriors, explorers, mariners and traders is undisputed.

Royal Denmark

Denmark has one of the world's oldest monarchies. The royal family has a long history but is also very much part of modern-day Denmark.

Cruise to Denmark

A sea-cruise to Denmark might take you to our historic capital of Copenhagen, to Aarhus and Aalborg in Jutland or other fabulous destinations in Denmark.

copenhagenA cruise to Denmark in the Baltic Region promises something out of the ordinary. This is one place where you will encounter honest hospitality and people who are proud to be able to give you a warm-hearted welcome. The cruises are for those who can truly appreciate the rich history, spectacular arts, tempting cuisine and warm, fascinating people found in Nordic lands.

Bornholm - Venice of the North

Just like many other beautiful and idyllic islands around the world, Bornholm also exerts a powerful attraction on cruises. With one of the largest landing wharves in Northern Europe, a wealth of opportunities to enjoy experiences as plentiful as the sand on the seashore, and culture and art history second to none, Bornholm is worth visiting time and again.

Wellness in Denmark

Do you want to relax, be pampered and reenergize during your vacation? Try a "wellness" vacation in Denmark. Enjoy the mild climate, beautiful nature and high service.

Wellness Centers, sanatoriums, spas and health products are not new to our day and age. Indeed they have been known throughout history, but the interest has never been as intense as it is at the moment with health and general wellbeing playing such a huge part in every day life. Today we associate wellbeing and health resorts with contentment. It’s seen as a treat to de-stress and re-charge.

Wellness Centers are traditionally associated with spa, sauna and bathing activities, as well as massages, other beauty treatments and some forms of sport, fitness and yoga exercises.

Danish food

From a gastronomic point of view, things have never been better in Denmark than they are right now. The country's heritage food culture and its classic dishes are alive and kicking, but over the last few years they have been joined by a more up-to-date cuisine.

Copenhagen and the Øresund region are home to a wealth of culinary experiences, from traditional Scandinavian dishes to the crisp flavors of contemporary Nordic cuisine focusing on the quality and simplicity of the wild and organically grown ingredients found in Nordic climes.

Copenhagen boasts 8 Michelin-starred restaurants. The region also hosts a yearly food festival, Copenhagen Cooking. Held in late August, Copenhagen Cooking is a tribute to Scandinavia’s gastronomic traditions with special emphasis on the excellent local products. Numerous restaurants in Copenhagen and the surrounding Øresund region serve special menus and local delicacies can also be savored in public parks and markets.


Active vacation in Denmark

Golf in Denmark

Denmark has been referred to as “The undiscovered golfer’s paradise” – perhaps because golfing in Denmark is synonymous with unpretentious recreation and a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Biking in Denmark

Denmark is mostly flat and great for biking. The highest point in Denmark is less than 600 feet above sea level. In the rolling landscape there are no hills that cannot be climbed with ordinary pedal-power, and that is just one of the many reasons why Denmark is the ideal destination for cyclists.

Danish nature

The Danish nature is a wonderful place to spend time year round, and there is almost an unlimited number of experiences out there. It is easy to explore and most of it is accessible to everybody.

Amber hunting

You encounter them by all coasts in Denmark: people with their noses close to the water's edge – hunting for amber, the gold of the Nordic countries. Look for amber along the coasts.

Gay travel

copenhagenCopenhagen and Denmark are great destinations for gay and lesbian travelers looking for Scandinavian culture and fun.

Have fun and meet new people in Copenhagen. Meet the friendly Danes in one of the gay bars. Follow the rainbow to Copenhagen!

Copenhagen has long had a welcoming and relaxed attitude towards both gay Danes and tourists. The city’s gay scene is geographically centered in the 'Soho' like area of the old town. During the summer, enjoy life outside at one of the many outdoor cafes.

In 2009, Copenhagen was named among the world's top 7 most gay-friendly destinations by "Hotel & Resort Insider." The other cities on the list are San Francisco, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Sydney.


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