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About Kazakhstan

Our country is situated in the very heart of Eurasia, in the crossroad between the largest countries of Asia and Europe. This advantageous geographical location favorably influences the development of international tourist connections.

kazakhstanThe tourist potential of Kazakhstan is rich and diverse. It has unique destinations and possibilities for the development of almost all types of tourism, from the cognitive – connected with cultural-historical objects visiting, ecological, including the observance for the rare sorts of flora and fauna to advantageous and other active types of tourism.

Today there are many unique natural reserves and national parks, more than 100 medical resorts, and also more than nine thousand archaeological and historical monuments.


The northern branch of Great Silk Road passes the territory of the country. This part of the road is the unique complex of historical, archeological and architectural memorials, including the experience of cities planning and construction. Such cities as Otrar, Sauran, and Turkestan were not only trade centers, but also scientific and cultural centers.

Besides, we have objects of mountaineering tourism. The mountaineering resort Shymbulak, the skating rink Medeo and Shuchinsk-Borovskoy resort base – our "Kazakhstany Switzerland" - those are very popular among tourists.



If you were in Kazakhstan, but did not see the white Kazakh yurt on the green meadows dzhaylyau, you can not enjoy the very full life of the Kazakhs. Yurt - one of the oldest and greatest inventions of Eurasian nomads. At all times it was a practical and convenient accommodation Kazakh yurt. The snow-white dome in the green foothill dzhaylyau, fabulous play of carpets and tekemets, perfect prefabricated home of a nomad, that is - a legend or reality? Perhaps all together and many other wonders and mysteries embodies a unique, polished by centuries of traditional phenomenon of portable houses Kazakhs.

Traditions and customs exist among the peoples of the world. They affected people's lifestyle, habits, national characteristics. One of the great traditions of the past, which has reached our days, is hospitality, which refers to the universal norms and is a positive feature of civilized society. The Kazakhs have always been famous for its hospitality, which is an integral and important trait steppe. Kazakhstan seeks to fulfill five basic precepts of ancestors, one of which - to meet the guest as envoy of God. This is confirmed by the proverb: "One of the forty guests - Kadir (name of the prophet), one of thousands - Wali (the name of the Prophet)." The guest trying to please, cover with a good table, receive his blessing. In ancient times, travelers, traveling from village to village, bringing with them the latest news, news from relatives and acquaintances, thereby supporting the link between remote villages. The desire to meet adequately and treat people show a high culture of the steppe traditions. Hospitality was considered a sacred duty.


kazakhstanState National Natural Park "Altyn-Emel"

In the heart of Central Asia, in the valley of the Ili River, sprawled State National Natural Park "Altyn-Emel". The park was established in 1996 to preserve the unique natural complex of this region. Popularity enjoys being in the sands of "Altyn-Emel" enormous proportions Singing sand. In the long dune reaches two or three kilometers, and in height - primerno120 and meters. Noteworthy dune that in dry weather produces melodic sounds, for which he received the name "Singing sand". His songs can be heard several kilometers away. Produce sound when the smallest grain of sand rub against each other: a gust of wind gives easily audible squeak, and strong gusts - a more intense and expressive sound like a sound body. But even in calm weather you can listen to tunes dune. Steps on the surface of the sand dune friction that create an unusual sound. Dunes, despite the instability of the sand, do not roam, for several thousand years, he is in the Altyn-Emel. Legends of the local people read that a sand dune is buried the great Genghis Khan and his faithful warriors, and the sand is singing, when the soul of Khan "exhausted by the mental anguish, said descendants of his exploits".

kazakhstanKarlag (Karaganda Prison Camp)

Karlag was one of thousand prison camps called GULAG (or Main Department of Prison Camps. Organized during the time of mass political repressions in the Soviet Union in 1930's, the Administrative center of Karlag was located in Dolinka Village (50 km to south-west of today’s Karaganda city).


kazakhstanMedeo is the most high-mountainous sport complex in the world. This fabled palace fit into the gorge panorama at an altitude of 1,961 meters above sea level. The mild climate of the natural boundary, an optimum level of the solar radiation, the lowered atmospheric pressure, calm, pure mountain water from which prepare the skating rink ice, have provided an excellent quality and have created fine conditions for achievement of high sports results. More than 120 world records have been placed here.

Kolsay Lakes

kazakhstanKolsay Lakes – one of the most beautiful places on Kazakh land. They are located at heights 1800, 2250 and 2700 metres above sea level. They are distinguished by the unique mountain watershed consisting of three natural zones and amazing variety of rare plants and animals. Kolsay Lakes is consedered a pearl of Northern Tjan-Shan located in 300 km from Almaty city.


kazakhstanNatural boundary Kiin-Kerish is opened with erosion crust of multicoloured, mainly red clay. A city of spirits - such name is given to this place with unearthly, Martian landscapes. Washed away by water and wind clay form here very bright, freakish landscape. Puff tertiary clay with unimaginable on beauty and originality a corner with unique red, white and orange constructions. From a distance red clay rocks and breakages of Kiin-Kerisha are similar to a flame torn on a wind. Therefore it is named "Flaring cliffs".

Beluha - snowy crown of Altai

kazakhstanBeluha mountain is one of the natural monuments in the region. It is the highest peak of Altai and of all Siberia. According to the Buddhists it is a navel of the Earth, Christians call it Belovodye. King’s burial places were found at the foothills. They are dated back to 3-2 century A.D. Borders of 4 states meet here (Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Mongolia). A lot of climbers from all over the world come to visit the mountain annually. Combination of different conditions: great heights, steep relief, different shapes of ice make it possible to climb in different complexity degrees.

Ancient site of ancient settlement Saraishyk

kazakhstanSaraishyk – one of the most ancient monuments of Kazakhstan. Saraishyk a cradle of the Kazakh Horde. Unique property of our independent republic. A great heritage of the Kazakh people. Saraishyk a worship for sources of an antiquity and a connecting thread with the future. A shed a tribute of memory to the wise men living and writing annals of our state, and gratitude for revival of the forgotten. Scientific historians carry history of occurrence of this city to 13 century, that is connect with the period of invasion of the Chingis-khan and Khan Batyja. To reached till today to the facts written primary sources about this small town have appeared in first half of 14 centuries. In them about the Shed it is told as about a city where trade and an applied art have been developed.

Trip to Sherkala

kazakhstanMount Sherkala - this unique natural creation, covered with legends. Legendary mountain fortress in the mountain Mangistau, which causes a genuine interest in everyone who saw this natural creation. In the Middle Ages there were caravan routes of the Silk Road. At the foot of the mountain remains of the walls of the caravanserai, on the slopes - Niche guards, traces of a secret walking on top of the mountain that housed strengthening.

Burabay from Astana

The beautiful nature resort Burabay attracts many tourists from Kazakhstan and the CIS. A unique opportunity to combine holidays on the lake with the treatment under the supervision of qualified specialists on the modern equipment. Rest in comfortable rooms of the sanatorium "Okzhetpes" will leave wonderful impression. You can also use the swimming pool, library, cinema and many other things that will make your vacation unforgettable!

Altyn Kargaly Sanatorium

We invite you to one of the best resorts in Kazakhstan - Hotel and Resort "Altyn Kargaly". Sanatorium operates in two main areas:
1. Treatment and recovery
2. Corporate events
kazakhstanClimate: Clean fresh air is a gift for our guests and is a good alternative to urban air pollution. Even a simple stay at our resort area has beneficial effects on health and well-being. Here you will get a real and proper rest.

Accommodation: The hotel offers standard and deluxe rooms in the main building and cottages. All rooms have telephone with satellite TV, telephone with urban and interurban lines, mini bar, shower, hairdryer, bathroom, and toilet. A magnificent panoramic view from the windows will delight your eyes.

Nutrition: To provide guests a five-time nutrition. In the morning you will find a buffet with an abundance of diverse and delicious food, hearty menu for lunch and evening meal nutritious. In mid-morning snack will be happy to treat you with pastries and cakes. After dinner, we offer different milk drinks. Fresh fruit - all year round. For guests on a diet, our team of chefs will provide a wide range of dietary and vegetarian menus.


We offer a large range of spa treatments: oxygen cocktails, mineral baths, mud treatments, paraffin wraps, all kinds of massage, acupuncture, etc.

Newest equipment "Colon Therapy" will allow you to clean the intestines of toxins.

In addition, we have a steam room, where a deep muscle relaxation and restoration of biological rhythms occurs by the action of ionized air and aromatherapy.

Problems with the musculoskeletal system? We solved this problem by introducing a modern equipment for the extension of all joints and spine.

National Cuisine

For the first, traditional national cuisine of Kazakh people consists of such products as curative beverage kumys, shubat and airan, which have medicinal featukazakhstanres and tonic effect. They are used to cure diseases of lungs and alimentary canal. Then they make a tea with milk, baursaks, raisins, irimshik and kurt. Also Kazakh people like delicacy (kazy, shuzhuk, zhal, zhaya, karta etc.), which are prepared from horse-flesh mainly. At every Kazakh table there were cakes of wheat flour.

Mainly Kazakh people like meat dishes. The main Kazakh dish is beshbarmak. It is prepared from mutton, horse-flesh with addition of pastry. Meat is usually served large intact pieces. The owner cut the meat, treating each guest titbits: pelvic bone and tibia gave honorary elders, bacon - son-or daughter-in-neck bone - girls, etc.

Shubat - is among the most valuable dairy drink after kumys, is made of camel's milk. Technology of preparation shubat is less complicated than kumys. Like the mare, shubat fermented and stored in a special dish made of leather, wood or ceramic. Shubat not fluff, and bring to the condition by stirring. Shubat tasty, greasy and thick drink. For calorie and curative properties, it is not inferior koumiss. Two or three shubat considered the best and quality. By adding the camel's milk, cow or sheep, get katyk, but when you add suzbe (thick sour curd) or kurta receive ezhigey (gentle Kurt).

Broad and boundless Kazakh land. In different places of Kazakhstan shubat called differently. In the Central and Western Kazakhstan - shubat, Southern - kymyran, East - tuye kymyz (camel mare). However, the methods of manufacturing the same everywhere. Also kymaran or hymyraan - a drink usually made from a mixture of boiled water with the addition of milk (sour or fresh). Soft drink and the Mongolian called hyaram.

General Information

Capital - Astana (since December 10, 1997)

Kazakh language adopted as a state language. Russian is also widely used.

Kazakh currency - tenge, which is 100 tyyn (1993).

The climate of Kazakhstan is sharply continental. The continental climate is manifested in a number of features. These include: large amplitude between winter and summer temperatures, dry air, little rainfall in most parts of the republic, the long harsh winters and short summers in the north and shorter winters and hot summers in the south..


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