Honeymoon in Poland

What to see in Poland


Gigantic metropolis, historic towns and villages of sentimental charm for which poems and songs have been written. Poland officially has a total of 887 towns. The largest is Warsaw, with a population of 1.7 million, while the smallest Polish town has just 884 inhabitants


Beaches, cliffs and Kashubian folklore. Thousands of lakes hidden deep within forests, watched over by the towers of Teutonic fortresses. The domes of eastern churches scattered throughout the mountainsides. Poland is a fascinating jigsaw puzzle, composed of colourful regional pieces.


National Parks cover a mere 1% of Poland’s territory. But what a 1%! You can find everything there: mountains, sea, lakes. You can see bison, shifting sand dunes or the tree beneath which King Jagiello once rested.

Major attractions

Incredible rocks, rare plants and animals, shifting sand dunes and extensive bogs and marshes – Poland’s natural environment offers a real medley of varied attractions. It is ideal for those who like to spend their free time in an active way.

Arts & Culture

From the times of the Temple of Sybilla, the first museum in Poland created in Pu?awy, some 200 years have passed. Today’s museums have become increasingly very modern places with interactive facilities, which enlighten us about our world; they intrigue and can even provoke laughter. They are often established as a result of someone’s passion, some person so interested in the subject that he or she wanted to pass on this passion...


Polish people are very sociable and lively, no less than Brazilians. Our love of dance and entertainment is particularly visible during the carnival. For us it is a time of increased amusement, with its culmination during the last week before Ash Wednesday.

poland honeymoon


Shopping is indispensable part of each trip. We shop for souvenirs and gifts for ourselves and for our beloved ones. But shopping abroad is a kind of pass-time or entertainment where we discover local fashion trends and compare them with those back at home. However in country like Poland where each city is different in terms of its culture, style, history shopping may be a unique and distinctive experience in each of them.

Active Holidays

Memories of your first bungee jump or paintball encounter or an impressive rock you climbed, all these moments remain forever. It is easy to get addicted to the adrenaline rush in Poland. Why? Because Poland is an adventure.

poland honeymoon

Health and Beauty

In the mountains, in the Mazury, by the sea, or in city centers – the number of spa centers in Poland are growing. Here you will find marble tubs where the tsars bathed, with white clay pools and Jacuzzis. A complete choice of aquatic pleasure!


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