Honeymoon in Slovakia

Mountains, winter sports, thermal baths, castles and monuments...

Holiday resorts

Slovak mountains and recreational centers located in their hearts or at their feet belong to the most visited holiday resorts in Slovakia. You can find several of them directly in national parks (movement in this territory is subject to special rules). They are an ideal starting point for lovers of hiking or adrenaline sports. In winter, the most lively places in mountains are the ski resorts offering possibilities of skiing and other winter activities.

Although Slovakia has no sea and the natural lakes are not numerous either, it can offer water bodies for bathing and water sports. There are many artificial water reservoirs, which were made by blocking rivers or after extraction of gravel and sand. The majority of dams in Slovakia, with exception of reservoirs of drinking water, were also adapted for bathing and recreation.

Spa towns are also important centers of recreation and relax.

By Foxburg (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Winter in Slovakia

Imagine sunshine reflecting from the slopes covered with snow, adrenaline skiing, snowboarding or sledging. Or do you like better to relax in warm thermal water at aqua park or with a relaxing spa procedure?

Don’t spend the winter sitting at home and take your family or friends to spend the winter holidays in Slovak ski centers, aqua parks, spas or towns.

Many home and foreign visitors have already discovered the perfect connection of active skiing with relaxation in thermal water in nearby aquaparks. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t hesitate. Enjoy unforgettable experience with your family or friends on ski slopes and from there you can head for pleasant thermal water in aquaparks.

This winter it pays off to travel to ski trip by train. The Slovak railway company prepared an attractive offer for their passengers for a ski trip in Slovak ski resorts. Since 12 December when travelling by train to selected ski resorts you get bargain packages of ski passes and ski-aqua passes. Separately also several ski resorts offer collective ski passes or bargain accommodation service packages for their visitors.

Let the atmosphere of Slovak towns entice you to visit them. You can spend your free winter days walking in the streets of historical towns and visiting cultural sights or galleries. Long winter evenings are perfect to go to concerts or theatre. You will feel like in a fairy tale on castle tours in Slovak castles and palaces.

You can have luxury holiday satisfying even the most demanding requirements in several Slovak holiday destinations. In the top ski resorts meeting the highest quality standard of services you can find well prepared slopes for downhill skiing, adrenaline attractions, fun centers and evening wellness in 4* and 5* hotels. You can enjoy perfect care and pleasant relax also in Slovak spas. The warming strength of springs or salutary healing mud boost your vitality for working days.

Aquaparks & thermal swimming pools

A pleasant way to warm up during long winter months is to relax in thermal swimming pools and aqua parks. The most wanted product during the ski season is a combination of active skiing and relaxing in thermal waters of nearby aqua parks. Swimming in thermal water with the view of hilltops covered with snow is simply unforgettable. Such a great combination can be found in aqua parks in Vysoké Tatry and Liptov regions.

People who do not like winter and skiing can enjoy the beneficial effects of thermal water in winter also separately. You can choose from more than 15 aqua parks and thermal swimming pools operated year-round in several regions of Slovakia. Most facilities have their own accommodation that increases the comfort of visitors.

Slovak aqua parks are well equipped and they constantly invest in extension of their areas and new attractions. The wide offer of services will address not only families with children and young people but also seniors. In addition to outdoor and indoor swimming pools, the aqua parks offer also toboggans, wellness services, saunas, whirlpools, fitness, sports facilities, and playgrounds for children, adrenaline attractions and a wide choice of catering facilities and bars.

Many aqua parks provide their visitors with family and other discounts, actions, loyalty discount cards, gift vouchers and service packages. They organize interesting events during the whole year to attract visitors.

Urban tourism

Many Slovak towns offer an unrepeatable Christmas atmosphere. Christmas markets with aroma of punch, mead, honey cakes, candles and fir-needles will certainly attract the visitors to Slovak cities. They are the right places to meet your family and friends, but also an extraordinary winter tourist attraction for foreigners.

In addition to Christmas goodies, you can buy there also various Christmas decorations or folk handicraft products made of leather, wood and beeswax, which can be a suitable present for your relatives.

The pre-Christmas time is also the time of St. Nicolas events for children, Christmas or Advent concerts, markets of Christmas customs and handicrafts or expositions of Christmas cribs. Beside the Slovak towns and cities, you can find them also in castles. You can experience Christmas in a castle at Orava Castle and Trenciansky Castle. Bojnice Castle will invite you to the event Three Magi at the Castle and Zvolen Castle to a Christmas concert.

Another option how to spend your winter holidays are romantic winter walks through historic Slovak cities and cultural monuments. You can for instance follow the works of Master Pavol of Levoca or the cultural monuments of UNESCO. Lovers of history will be interested in the Coronation Route in Bratislava or Gothic walks in Bardejov. You can discover also the treasures of the golden city of Kremnica, or silver city of Banská Štiavnica. And what about to visit Small Roma – Trnava or the European Yard in Komárno.

By Palica via Wikimedia Commons

Town Monument Reserves

The rich history of towns has left some admirable traces in their appearance and architecture. Many of them are classified as Town Monument Reserves and form a significant part of the national cultural heritage.

Now there are 138 towns in Slovakia; eighteen are designated Town Monument Reserve. They concentrate in the region of Spiš(5) followed by the group of central Slovakia mining towns (4). Slovakia boasts more than 12,000 immovable cultural monuments and more than 2,800 won the statute of Town Monument Reserve.


The Capital of the Slovak Republic Bratislava, also referred to as the Beauty on the Danube can not only boast interesting history but it also is the centre of the most dynamically developing region of central Europe at present.

Bratislava (population 425,500), situated in the south-west of Slovakia stretches on both banks of the Danube and in the foothills of the Little Carpathian Mountains. Thanks to this favorable position it was always a commercial centre. Today the historic places witnesses to the rapid development of the young Slovak Republic. In spite of its exciting history, Bratislava is one of the youngest Capitals of the world and its population is also very young. The modern metropolis is opened to Europe and to the world as proved by the increasing number of foreign visitors of most diverse countries. They are attracted by the coziness of the rather small city that nevertheless possesses a throbbing social life and historic charms combined with the most recent trends. Palaces, modern shopping and trade centers, admirable arts of the Slovak cooks and brewers, friendly people and various international cultural or sport events, exhibitions, and business opportunities are the reasons why it is worth a visit.

By Palica via Wikimedia Commons

See for yourself!

Do you want to move several centuries back in time? To look from a castle window, from a place where knights or cursed princesses were standing? Experience the feeling, which overpowered miners after they went down the shaft to the underground? Set out for a journey full of discoveries with your friends – the world of museums has all doors open!

In those situated in ancient towers or in luxurious castles, you will get an insight into the private world of the noble society. An unforgettable experience is the visit of Bojnice Castle, where history literally comes back to life during special days such as The International Festival of Ghosts and Monsters.

Orava Castle fascinates not only with its live sightseeing tour but also with a beautiful view. In a number of castles, you can buy a special tourist passport and collect in it the seals from visited places, which belong to the region known as Matúš´s Kingdom.

You will get the best picture of the life of miners in their land, when you go down the shaft to the underground with a helmet on your head, which is part of an unconventional outdoor museum – the  Mining Museum in Banská Štiavnica or during a visit to the interesting Mining Museum in Rožnava.

Surrounded by art

Theatres that offer alternative art experiences and summer music festivals with an extraordinary atmosphere – these are places, where music, dance and other art get space and where you can meet people that have a similar mindset.

You can experience art of all forms face to face in theatre performances. Young people prefer alternative and unconventional scenes, which in Bratislava include, for example, Theatre Gunagu or Theatre A. HA. You can experience music and dance most intensely in Nová scéna theatre on one of a wide repertoire of top musicals.

In summer, the most music festival fans traditionally head to Trencín, which hosts one of the biggest open air music festivals in Central Europe - Bažant Pohoda.

If you belong to the ones, who love humor, you will surely appreciate tip for a unique festival of humor and satire in the atmosphere of an ancient mining town,The Middle-European Festival of Humor and Satire Kremnica Gags.


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