Honeymoon in Sweden

Wonderful Swedish weather

Hazy, lazy days spent on the beach as the azure waters lap the shore. Might not sound like Sweden but it is. And where else are you going to bask in the Midnight Sun at 12.00 pm – and get a suntan. In Sweden.

It’s a shame to dismiss one of the more popular myths about the weather in Sweden (we’re thinking of the one about Polar bears wandering the streets of Stockholm, spread we think by jovial Swedish ex-pats) but you can rest assured that Sweden has no wild Polar bears and there is no risk of you being mauled by one as you enjoy the sights and sounds of Stockholm.

Returning to reality, you can divide the country into three regions; central and southern Sweden, the northeast, and the northwest, or far north to describe the weather in Sweden.

Midnight Sun & Northern Lights

The Midnight Sun is visible 24 hours a day as follows:

Abisko June 17 - July 19
Björkliden June 17 - July 19
Gällivare June 4 - July 12
Jokkmokk June 8 - July 3
Kiruna May 31 - July 1

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are the fluttering and bright lights that can be observed in the sky over the northernmost parts of the world. The best viewing areas in Sweden are above the Arctic Circle between September and March.

As the phenomenon is caused by energy from the sun carried towards Earth on the solar winds, its appearance cannot be guaranteed!

Food culture

Sweden has attained an international reputation for culinary excellence in recent years and standards are high at all levels.

Emphasis is placed on high-quality natural ingredients - notably fresh, pickled and smoked seafood (particularly herring, crayfish, salmon and eel) and game meats such as elk and reindeer. The famous Swedish smörgåsbord is rather less common these days, but most hotels offer a smörgåsbord-style breakfast and if you are in Sweden during the weeks before Christmas you may wish to sample the traditional "julbord" (Christmas buffet).

Today´s multicultural society has also resulted in a wide variety of ethnic restaurants and an exciting "crossover" style in which traditional Swedish dishes are reinvented with new foreign influences.

You will also find all the usual fast-food outlets and pizzerias, and if you are after a good value and tasty snack, you´re never far from a hot-dog stand selling the popular "varmkorv".

A "Dagens rätt" (dish of the day) is available in most restaurants at lunchtime, which is served from about 11am to 2pm.

There are plenty of cafés and cafeterias for lighter snack.

Cruising in the outstanding Baltic

Still relatively undiscovered by the masses, the Baltic nations are a delightful mix of unspoiled landscapes, restored medieval towns and modern cities.

From unblemished countryside that entices outdoor enthusiasts with hiking, fishing, biking, swimming and sailing to cultural-packed cities and towns, the Baltic area offers something for everyone. And cruising is an excellent and easy way to explore this fascinating region.

Ports of call introduce the region’s history, illustrated by magnificent palaces and beautifully restored medieval cities. These culturally rich nations boast museums, world-class performing arts, and traditional decorative arts and crafts. Shore excursions are the perfect way to sample such attractions as theme parks, open-air museums, nature adventures, outdoor sports and, of course, great shopping.

So why should you cruise the “Magic Baltic”? And what is the reason why so many cruise itineraries put the focus on the Baltic Sea?

Most likely because it offers a whole new vacation ground ripe for discovery. It is an easy and pleasant way to explore a number of scenic and historically fascinating countries. The ports introduce the region’s history, illustrated by magnificent palaces and beautifully restored medieval cities. And the shore excursions offer a chance to sample attractions such as theme parks, open-air museums, nature adventures, outdoor sports and great shopping.

Situated in the center of this fantastic area, Stockholm, truly the sparkling jewel of the Baltic region, is the perfect place to begin or end a cruise. Located between Copenhagen, Denmark and St. Petersburg, Russia, Stockholm has the perfect location for visitors.

Stockholm represents the best of the region with a long history, spectacular scenery and monuments as well as outstanding dining and shopping. Best of all, however, is the openness and friendliness of Stockholm's citizens who welcome you to their city.

Approaching Beauty on Water – The route from the outer islands of the archipelago to the city of Stockholm is an enchantment in itself.

Skiing in Sweden

The ski resorts of Sweden stretch from Riksgränsen in the Arctic Circle, in the far north, down the backbone of the Swedish mountains in the north-west, and then wind east into the county of Dalarna.

And with its northerly latitude, most ski resorts guarantee snow between Christmas and Easter. So you can ski in Sweden against a backdrop of the Midnight Sun, and the kaleidoscopic curtain of the Northern Lights. Where else in the world can you do that?

Spas in Sweden

The popularity of spas in Sweden is increasing as many find that they need some extra pampering to balance their hectic lifestyles. Today a spa experience can offer more than just the treatments enjoyed: you can go to a spa in the far north under the midnight sun, unwind at a spa nestled in the magical landscapes of southern Sweden or visit a spa in the heart of a bustling Swedish city.

City break

The cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö offer very different flavors of one nation. You have the ‘cool’ of Stockholm, the maritime atmosphere of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city and the multi-cultural aspect of Malmö.

What they all share is an abundance of parks, museums, interesting sites to visit and vibrant cultures. Just about anything you would want to do or see in any one of the three is within walking distance. What they also have in common is forests, sandy beaches, crystal clear lakes and rich flora and fauna. Smack, bang in the middle of town. Getting back to nature in all three is as easy as a walk in the park – of which there are many.

Although smaller in size than Stockholm, both Gothenburg and Malmö offer a wealth of shopping, restaurants and cultural life. Malmö alone is a city of 164 nations and 100 languages. This is deliciously reflected in the myriad of restaurants and cafes here.

The west coast city of Gothenburg meanwhile, offers maritime sights and sounds, along with Michelin Star rated restaurants and Scandinavia’s largest amusement park at Liseberg. Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm meanwhile is built on 14 islands that are crisscrossed by bridges. One of them takes you to über trendy Södermalm island, with its live music scene, cool clubs and trendy inhabitants. You’ll have to discover the other thirteen for yourself when you visit.

The Millennium tour

Stieg Larsson, writer, worked as a journalist for 25 years with a small but influential left-wing magazine in Stockholm.

When he died in 2004 of a heart attack at the age of 50, rumors spread around Sweden that he had died in suspicious circumstances because he was investigating and writing about far rightwing and racist movements in Sweden. Of course the local media had a field day with this but the rumors were completely unfounded.


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