Mother & baby support groups


Joining a mom and baby group in your area

Mothers may want to join a mom and baby support group for many different reasons. These groups give moms the chance to talk together about any concerns, doubts, questions or difficulties that they are facing with motherhood. Members of the groups are often new moms, so the groups give them a chance to learn from others in the same position.

Moms groups are often led by experienced health educators and midwives, giving you the chance to get expert advice as well as invaluable tips from other mothers.

Dads don’t have to feel left out, as there are also father and baby groups to join, as well as grandparent and baby groups!

Why join a mom and baby group?

  • To find out more about yourself and your baby
  • To get information on breastfeeding or specific problems related to babies
  • To have an understanding ear from other mothers who are in the same situation
  • To support other mothers who are members of the group
  • To clarify any information that you already have
  • To stop you from feeling isolated and get you out of the house
  • To help you find fun and friendship at a time when you most need it and with likeminded people
  • To give your baby the chance to interact with other babies, who may end up becoming lifelong friends!

In general, and according to data from different pro-breastfeeding associations, most women who attend mom and baby groups are working women with a medium to high socioeconomic level, well-educated and aged between 25 and 45 years old.

Some women go to the groups when they are pregnant but most start after their baby is born. Many mothers are not experiencing problems and go along simply for social reasons, but some new moms attend meetings because they have doubts or are experiencing difficulties and need support and advice.

Finding a group

Have a look in your local newspaper for a group, search the Internet (just type “mothers groups” and the name of your city into Google) or ask your healthcare provider. If there isn’t a group in your area, start one!

Many mothers’ groups are rather large, so if you bond with a small group of moms at a meeting, suggest taking turns to meet up at each other’s homes.


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