Good posture during pregnancy

pregnancy-postureLooking after your posture is never more important than when you are pregnant.

During pregnancy, the joints and ligaments are under a great deal of pressure, and they stretch due to the pregnancy hormones in your body, weakening the strengthening effect of your muscles.

The change in your center of gravity due to the increased size of the uterus or womb can affect your posture, and if you are not careful when lifting objects or carrying heavy bags, for example, you are liable to suffer from unnecessary back pain.

Be aware of your posture and follow the following advice on good posture.

Poor posture:
  • Your back arches due to the weight of your belly.
  • Your shoulders are hunched up and tense.
  • You walk with a slouch.
  • You sit with your legs crossed.
Good posture:
  • Your head and spinal column are well-aligned.
  • Your shoulders are loose and relaxed, not hunched and tense.
  • Drop your shoulders and push them back, don’t slouch.
  • Raise your chest and thorax.
  • Try to keep your back as straight as you comfortably can.
  • Separate your feet a little.
  • Hold in your gluteal muscles (buttocks).
  • Separate your feet a little.
  • Bend your knees slightly.
  • Separate your feet a little.

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