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Pregnancy and folic acid

Folic acid is important for pregnant women. Taking enough folate throughout the pre-conception period, just before and after conception, helps protect your baby against a whole host of congenital deformities... Read more

Pregnancy testing

Your pregnancy can be detected in different ways, including pregnancy tests that detect hormones generated by the newly-formed placenta... Read more

Joining a mothers' group in your area

Mothers may want to join a mom and baby support group for many different reasons. These groups give moms the chance to talk together about any concerns, doubts, questions or difficulties... Read more

Suggestions on how to get pregnant

The increased age at which many couples start a family, the conditions of modern life, stress, complicated schedules and tiredness can sometimes make it take months for a woman to fall pregnant... Read more

Pregnancy: tips for an aching back

The weight of your unborn baby places great strain on your back, especially during the later stages of your pregnancy, so do gentle exercise... Read more

Good posture during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the joints and ligaments are under a great deal of pressure, and they stretch due to the pregnancy hormones in your body... Read more



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