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IMPORTANT: Here we provide some tips and advice on caring for your child, but this is not designed to replace professional advice, so if you are unsure, consult your pediatrician or another professional.

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When a new baby is born, it is more than likely that his older sibling will be jealous, even though at first he was excited at the prospect of a little brother or sister. Make it less traumatic by trying to divide your time between the two, and avoid “buying” your child’s acceptance by producing vast quantities of expensive gifts. One gift that he has helped to choose himself should suffice.

Don’t give in to tantrums, and don’t feel guilty and overcompensate. Explain that being the older brother is “cool”, and give him jobs to do like giving the baby his bottle, helping with bath time, etc. You’ll soon see that instead of feeling like he has been dethroned, he will come to love being the “big brother”.


It is important to take into account the environment that a child lives in. Her genes mostly influence how intelligent she will be, but her surroundings also affect the way she develops, and can promote intelligence and an interest in learning. Try to promote healthy habits of reading and studying daily which will help her thrive at school and in life in general.

You can help develop these good habits in preschoolers too. Set aside a time each day to read together and look at letters, numbers and colors. Keep things fun and informal, never a chore, and you will find that this will help your child a great deal when she starts school.


If each parent speaks a different native language, you are strongly encouraged to speak to your baby in your own language from the moment he is born. It is the ideal opportunity for your child to learn two languages from the very start when it is easiest to learn. Remember that babies are like sponges, they absorb all the information you give them.

Don’t be put off by people who say that they will be confused or will have language delay: my own son is totally bilingual in English and Spanish and has never had any problems. Some research says that bilingual people have a higher level of intelligence. I don’t know if that’s true, but it certainly means they can communicate with many more of the world’s people!



Don’t you just hate it when you are in the mall and your child decides he wants something? When you say no, he creates a scene. Make it very clear that his behavior is not going to achieve anything and he’ll soon get bored of trying. Very important: NEVER give in and buy the item just to avoid a scene, as you are guaranteed a repeat performance the following week. Remove him from the area until he calms down, and don’t worry about passersby looking at you: they have either been through the same thing themselves with their children, or will probably do so later on in their lives!


When my son needed to take a shirt from his drawers, he would open all the drawers searching for the shirts and would leave them open. I got tired of closing the drawers, so I pasted a picture of pants, shirts and underwear onto each drawer so that he could remember what was in each one.


If you live near the beach or a lake, or when you go on vacation, let your kids walk barefoot on the sand as it gives them a gentle massage that stimulates the formation of the arch of the foot. Anything that encourages healthy feet is a bonus!


A mixture of hot water and vinegar is the best way to remove fake tattoos from your child’s arms. It works, try it!


To clean stains off the walls of your home, use a clean cloth impregnated with paraffin to clean them. The paraffin removes all those handprints that get left on the walls by your children. Unfortunately we cannot offer any tips on how to stop the walls from getting dirty, but this is a surefire way to clean them!


Want to keep your kids out of the kitchen cupboards and old-fashioned wardrobes? Simply wrap an elastic band between the handles. The children will not be able to open the doors and will probably give up trying after a while.

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