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Get me to the church in style

If you are planning to arrive at the church in style in a limousine, you are advised to book this as soon as you possibly can, perhaps sooner than you would have expected, as this kind of car gets booked up fast, especially during the prom season from April to June.

This is one area where the advice of a wedding planner can prove invaluable, as a bad limo company could really cause problems on your wedding day. You need a reliable company that will pick you up on time and get you to the church on time, without turning up late or getting lost along the way.

You may have ideas on other more imaginative ways to arrive at church, depending on the location, your tastes, and your wedding plans: a horse-drawn carriage, onboard a yacht, by motorbike, on horseback, by truck, or even a helicopter or hot air balloon!

If you are on a budget, you could just order a special car for a limited time to take the bride to the ceremony and then transport the bride and groom to the reception.

If the budget is really tight, ask a friend or family member with a fancy car if they will drive you, or hire a car from a car rental company and get a friend to drive. You can decorate the car with flowers and ribbon, no-one is to know it isn’t a chauffeur driven wedding car!

Depending on where the ceremony and reception venues are, it is a nice gesture to provide a bus or other form of transport for your guests. This way, guests arrive together and you won’t have people getting lost along the way!

Offering transport after the reception is also a hit, as it means that guests can all enjoy a few glasses of champagne without worrying about drinking and driving.

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