The final touches for the bride and groom

blushing-brideOn the eve of your wedding, follow these tips to make sure you are all ready to roll on the morning of the wedding, with no last-minute panic!

The blushing bride

  • Make sure all tasks are completed in good time the day before the wedding, so that you do not need to sit up until the early hours making bridal favors, decorating the reception venue or arranging flowers.

  • Depending on the hairstyle you have planned with your hairdresser, you may want to have your hair washed and styled the day before the wedding. Updos and elaborate bridal hairstyles tend to work best with hair that is washed the day before.

  • Try on your wedding dress with shoes and bridal underwear, it should fit you perfectly! Any tiny adjustments can be made but at this stage, your whole outfit should be ready for the big day.

  • After the rehearsal dinner, it is your time to relax, so take a relaxing bubble bath, and gather your thoughts ready for the following day. Make sure you moisturize your face and body well.

  • Try to get a good night’s sleep on the eve of your wedding. The phrase “beauty sleep” is exactly that: sleep is the best kept beauty secret! You may find you are too excited or nervous, or both, to sleep, so the best way to relax is to take a warm bath with aromatherapy oils (try lavender, known for its relaxing properties) and drink a cup of warm milk and chamomile tea, both known to help induce sleep. A lavender pillow spray is another relaxing option.

  • Tonight you go to bed as a single woman, tomorrow you will be a bride and a wife!

The dashing groom

  • Make sure your shoes are polished.

  • Remove any labels, tags or pins from all footwear and clothing.

  • Hang up your shirt so that any creases fall out.

  • Be sure that you or one of your groomsmen can tie your tie! Check out our pages on tying a tie if you are unsure, and don't leave it to the last minute to learn!

  • Relax and get an early night!


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