Choosing your wedding reception venue


You may choose to hold the ceremony and the reception in the same venue, but if you prefer a separate venue, there are certain things to bear in mind.

Make sure to add on the cost of flowers and decorations for two venues. You will also need to calculate travel time between venues, and it is appropriate to provide transportation for guests before and after the reception if the reception is more than half an hour away, or is in a remote location.

Locations for your wedding reception

Possible locations for wedding receptions are hotels, golf clubs, restaurants, or halls. Although it may initially seem like a cheaper option, a hall will probably be hired to you as it is, a bare and functional room, and you will need to hire everything to decorate and furnish it for your wedding. There may be limited catering facilities, inadequate heating or air-conditioning, and poor toilet facilities.

Having your entire wedding at a hotel, restaurant or golf club with a catering service takes away much of the strain of having to organize caterers, hire of tables, glassware, wait staff, etc. The extra expense may be justified, so take a careful look at the figures before making your decision.

A reception at home

The bride's parents' home or the home of a family member is another good choice for a wedding reception. This has many advantages including a more personal and intimate atmosphere but requires good organization and reliable offers of help from friends and family to ensure that things run according to plan.

You must ensure that there is sufficient parking space near the house, and will also need to hire portable sanitary facilities as you probably do not want all of your guests traipsing through the house to use the bathroom! Tents can be rented that come complete with everything you need for your reception, including lighting, dance floors and glassware.

Renting lighting, portable toilets, seating...

You may need to rent certain structural or electrical items for your reception venue. This could include tables and chairs, lighting and heating, sound systems, and portable toilets. First check with your venue to find out if they can rent you what you need or if they have contacts.

Ensure you budget for these items when planning your reception, as the costs can mount up.


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