Choosing wedding music

first-danceDeciding on the music for different parts of your wedding day

By now you will have signed up a deejay and/or musicians, so the fun begins deciding what kind of music you will play at the wedding.

You will have hopefully chosen a deejay who can cater for your taste in music. If you are Hispanic, for instance, make sure you choose a deejay who has a good selection of Latin tunes!

It isn’t realistic to expect to be able to plan exactly which songs are played and in which order, but a good deejay will respect your wishes.

Even though the bride and groom’s music preferences will obviously prevail, you will want to provide a mix of music to keep everybody happy:

- Seniors love to dance, so make sure there is music suitable for them.

- Plan to play a selection of novelty songs to get everyone up on the dance floor together.

- The latest pop tunes will be a hit amongst teenage guests, who are often overlooked at weddings and family events.

Providing a good mix of sounds will keep the party hopping! It is also a good idea to tell your deejay if there is any particular song or type of music that you do not want played at your reception.

For suggested music for your wedding ceremony, reception, first dance, and bride/father dance, see our section on wedding music.


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