What color or theme shall we choose for our wedding?


Start thinking about color schemes and themes early on in the wedding planning process as this could affect any decisions you make regarding venues, dates, or wedding attire.

Perhaps you want a beach theme for your summer wedding, so look for a venue next to the sea, and choose shades of blue – turquoise, azure and aquamarine.

A Valentine’s Day wedding conjures up images of red roses, hearts, and pink champagne in a romantic venue.

A fall wedding gives you the choice of rich oranges, reds and browns in a country setting.

Or how about something really different like an Elvis wedding or a Hello Kitty wedding?

elvis-theme love-and-petals fall-cake

If you decide on a theme or color scheme, don’t feel you have to stick slavishly to it. Do allow yourself room for flexibility and use the theme or color scheme as a focal point. We have all heard stories of the stress caused by trying to match napkins to the exact color of the bridesmaids’ dresses, or trying to find exactly the right colored tie for the groom. Think about whether it really is worth all the stress.

Get inspired and use your wedding folder to help decide on a color palette that truly suits your personality and your tastes.

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