Countdown to your honeymoon


The week before the wedding, you need to finalize any last minute honeymoon details:

- Pick up your travel documentation, such as flight coupons, boarding passes, and hotel and excursion reservations, from the travel agency.

- Purchase foreign currency or travelers’ checks.

- Confirm flights or travel arrangements, and book a cab to the airport.

- Make sure you have your vaccination certificates, visas, driver’s license, and medical and travel insurance documents.

- Take a copy of any prescriptions just in case, including sight prescriptions if you wear glasses or contacts.

- It is recommended that you make copies of all documentation and leave them in a safe place at home or with a family member.

Once all important documentation is in order, think about what you need to buy for your trip. Check out our honeymoon packing list for suggested items to pack depending on the type of honeymoon you are planning.


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