Creating a wedding action plan


Get organized!

As soon as you get engaged and start thinking of planning your wedding, you need to get organized.

Start a planning diary and write everything down; you may think you will remember all the details but as time goes by, things will start to become blurred. The more organized you are at the beginning, the less stressful the planning.

Create a plan of action so that nothing gets forgotten and to ensure you can book the right wedding vendors for your needs and wishes. If you are good with computers, create a wedding planning spreadsheet to help keep track of important dates, budgets, and vendor details. Or hire a wedding planner to do this for you! You could also use an online wedding planner to help with planning and budgeting.

Book it!

One rule of thumb when planning your wedding is "if a certain person or place is important to you, book it as soon as possible". This applies to services such as a wedding planner, the ceremony venue, the reception venue, caterer, and photographer.

The rationale is that certain wedding vendors such as wedding cake bakers, florist, and hairstylists can provide their services or products to many couples on one day, but vendors who provide services that are yours for the whole day, such as venues and photographers, are a scarcer resource.


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