Diet and beauty regime for bride and groom


Look and feel great on your wedding day!

Both bride and groom need to plan if they want to look and feel great on your wedding day.

Start your beauty and diet regime as soon as possible, without overdoing it. Discuss any cosmetic treatments like self-tanning, teeth whitening and cosmetic skin peeling with trusted beauty professionals or doctors.

If you feel that you would like to lose some weight before your wedding, speak to a qualified dietician who can help you in your goal. Eat healthily, take exercise and drink plenty of water, which remains one of the simplest (and cheapest!) beauty secrets out.

If you are both on a weight loss diet, support one another in your goals but do not let it become an obsession as it can cause unnecessary stress and pressure at an already busy time.

Exercise such as swimming, walking and gentle workouts will help you both tone up and get into shape.

Brides: It is not perhaps the best time for brides to start a major gym and body-building routine, as your body measurements will change and gown that you have ordered may not fit correctly on the day if you build up muscles.

Beauty experts recommend you schedule monthly facials starting around six months before your wedding, with the last facial no later than two weeks before the wedding, to ensure that your skin is glowing and blemish free on the day.

Start your health and beauty regime well in advance and look stunning on your wedding day!



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