Bride and bridesmaid dress fittings

Your first wedding dress fitting

It is an exciting moment when you finally try on your bridal gown for the first time!

Unless the dress has made custom-made to your measurements, you may find it will need some alterations, or the hem will need adjusting. Many bridal retailers include the cost of the initial fitting as part of their service, but you will be expected to pay for any alterations and subsequent fittings.

Try on your gown wearing your undergarments and shoes, and avoid wearing a lot of make-up to prevent the dress from being soiled. You could also use a scarf to prevent any make-up from transferring onto your pristine dress during the fitting. 

dress-fittingYour second, and perhaps final, dress fitting

Any alterations arising from the first dress fitting will have been made when you try on your dress for the second time at your second fitting (again, with the shoes and underwear you will wear on the day).

If the dress fits perfectly, this could be your last dress fitting, but for peace of mind many brides book a final fitting two or three weeks before the wedding, especially if they believe they may lose weight.

If your dress does not need further alterations, arrange to pick it up the week before the wedding and make sure you do not gain or lose much weight in the meantime!

Bridesmaids' dress fittings

Your bridesmaids may not live nearby, so you will need to arrange a time to bring them all together to try on their dresses before the wedding and schedule any alterations or subsequent fittings.

You could also arrange for the bridesmaids' dresses to be sent to a dressmaker near the bridesmaid’s home to be fitted (you should pay for this).

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