Formalities and etiquette


Planning a wedding and getting married involve a whole range of formalities and procedures which can be a minefield if not planned carefully.

Once you start organizing your wedding, you will need to decide on a budget and discuss who is going to pay for what. Once these decisions are made, it is easier to plan in earnest!

Perhaps you already live together, but if not, you will need to decide where you are going to live after you are married. If you each have a home already, should you start afresh in a new home? Or maybe the current economic climate means you need to live with your parents...

Many religions and faiths require premarital counseling before you wed, so speak to your religious advisor in good time to plan this. Some US states also have this requirement before issuing a marriage license.

Couples marrying in the USA will need to apply for a marriage license, and it is worth finding out the requirements in good time. Check out our special state-by-state guide to marriage licenses for more information and contact details.

And finally, once you are married, the bride may wish to change her surname to that of her husband's, although this is not obligatory in the US. It is worth finding out more well in advance of the wedding, as this may involve a lot of paperwork and form-filling.

Read Publiboda's articles on formalities and etiquette for your wedding ceremony, especially written and designed for you to help you plan the perfect day.

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