Sending out save the date cards


So who are we inviting? Let’s send the save the date cards!

When planning your guest list, you will need to have a general idea of who you want to invite to your wedding and the numbers that you can invite. You will then need to write two guest lists: list A for the "definites", and list B for the "maybes".

Send out save the date cards to the first list, and if anyone confirms straightaway that they will not be able to attend (although there is no obligation to do so on receipt of a save the date card) this will free up a space for someone on the maybe list.

When to send save the date cards

It is a good idea to send save the date cards to your guests as soon as you have confirmed your wedding date and venues. This limits the chances that guests will double-book and will not be able to attend your wedding. Giving as much notice as possible means that guests can rearrange plans if they really want to be with you on your special day.

Save-the-date cards are normally sent out six months before the wedding, but if you are getting married overseas or are inviting many out-of-town guests, then eight months before is preferable. There is a fine line between sending cards too early and too late: if you send them too early, many people will just put the card away and forget about it, and if you send too late, it may be too late for people to make arrangements.

Make sure it is clear that you will be sending invitations at a later date, as some people may think that this is their invitation!

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