Your honeymoon packing list


If you are going on honeymoon immediately or shortly after your wedding, you will need to prepare your bags in advance to save time and stress later on.

Write a honeymoon packing list beforehand to ensure that you remember everything you need, as you don’t want to spend your precious honeymoon time out searching for forgotten items!

Bags packed!

Have your suitcases packed the day before the wedding so that all that remains is to have them delivered to the airport or hotel.


Don’t forget flight tickets, hotel reservations, passports, visas, credit cards, immunization certificates, and travelers’ checks!

Take a look at our printable honeymoon packing list at the bottom of this page, with suggestions on what to take with you, whatever type of honeymoon you are planning.

Suggested packing lists for different honeymoon destinations: beach, safari, sightseeing, skiing...

Carry-on flight bag (all destinations)

A lightweight travel purse with many compartments

A lightweight shower-resistant jacket (warmer climates)

or a heavyweight waterproof jacket (for cold climates)

Boarding passes and travel tickets



Driver’s license

Credit and ATM cards

Cash and traveler’s checks

Photocopies of all important documentation, including trip insurance, vaccinations, health insurance, travel documents, traveler’s checks, cards and travel tickets

Phone numbers of emergency contacts, doctors, banks, and insurance companies

Prescription medicine in original bottle with a copy of the prescription

Travel sickness medication and painkillers


Travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste

Cosmetics, brush/comb, mirror, lip balm, personal care items

Purse-sized mineral water spray

Contact lens case with solution

Eyeglasses and sunglasses

Change of clothing and underwear

Slippers and socks for the plane

A light sweater or wrap

Jewelry (do not pack any jewelry in checked bags)

Camera (and film if you use it)

Travel pillow and blanket

Paperbacks, crossword puzzles, Sudoku…

Travel guides, maps and dictionaries

Notebook and pen

Hygienic wipes

Honeymoon packing list 

Checked bag (for all destinations)

2 pairs of comfortable shoes, boots or sandals

1 pair of evening shoes

Up to 7 pairs of underwear and 2 or 3 bras

3 pairs of socks

2 pairs of shorts (for warm climates)

2 pairs of pants

2 or 3 dresses or skirts, including one special evening outfit

4 or 5 casual T-shirts and tops

1 or 2 light or heavy sweaters, depending on the climate

2 smart blouses and shirts

Evening jacket or wrap

Evening purse


Travel-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, hand cream, body lotion

Facial moisturizer



Travel-sized hair lacquer

Massage oil

Bubble bath

Dental floss

Cotton balls

Nail files

Nail polish and remover pads

His and her razors, and shaving cream

Hair dryer

Insect repellent (depending on destination)

Anti-malarial medication (ask your doctor)


Spare contact lenses and solution

Sanitary items

Cell phone

Digital camera with memory card(s)

iPod or MP3 player

Headphones or speakers


Electrical adaptor (if traveling outside US)

Spare batteries, travel clock and radio

Postcard labels with pre-written addresses of loved ones

Daypack to carry essentials when on excursions

Swiss Army knife (MUST go in your checked bag)

Travel umbrella

Basic medical kit: Band Aids, anti-diarrhea medication, antibacterial cream or wipes, blister treatment, scissors, tweezers

Honeymoon packing list

Extras for a beach honeymoon

An extra swimsuit or bikini

Cover-up or sarong

Beach bag

Aftersun cream or gel

Sun hat and visor

Flip-flops or sandals

Mask and snorkel

Extras for a safari or sightseeing honeymoon

Hiking boots or walking boots (broken in at home)


Water bottle


Sun hat

Comfortable clothing (avoid bright and white clothes on safari)

Wildlife guides, city guides, maps…

Extras for a skiing honeymoon

Snowsuit or ski pants and jacket

Warm turtlenecks and sweaters

Long underwear

Hat or headband

Mittens or gloves

Scarf or neck warmer

Ski goggles

Waterproof socks

Waterproof boots

Hand and foot warmers

Skis, poles and boots

Ski bag

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