The week before your wedding


Even if you have hired a wedding planner, the help and collaboration of family and friends on the day will prove invaluable.

Assign small tasks to trusted family members and friends. For example, think about who will hold your gloves or bridal purse during the ceremony, who will hand out tips to vendors, and who will be the contact point for each vendor throughout the day.

Ensure that at least member of the wedding party will have their cell phone charged up and switched on during the day as a point of contact in case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, and provide key suppliers with this number.

By delegating certain tasks and responsibilities, you will take much of the pressure off you.

Keep the bridal party informed

A few days before the wedding, send or give a timeline of the day’s event to each member of the bridal party, with contact information for each person.

Using a highlighter pen, mark the agreed duties and responsibilities of each person during the day so that they know what is expected of them.

dress-ready-for-brideCollect your gown, tuxedo, accessories…

Pick up the bride’s dress, groom’s tuxedo and accessories, and bridesmaids’ dresses, or have them delivered to your home.

Everything should fit perfectly, but you may want to try on your gown before collection just in case.

Keep the outfits and any accessories in a safe place where they will not become creased or soiled.

Brides are advised to leave their dress in the place where they will be staying the night before the wedding, as this means one fewer journey for it to make and less chance that the groom will spot something he shouldn’t!

It is a sure sign that everything is coming together when you have your dress at home and ready to make you into a bride!

Confirm numbers with the caterers

Hotels, restaurants and catering companies usually close their lists 72 hours before the event, so make sure you give them exact numbers of guests. Let them know of any changes to the seating plan, and change your printed seating plan if necessary.

If guests have been given a choice of entrees, inform the venue of the numbers for each option.

Remember to tell them about any special dietary requirements, vegetarians or vegans, and children’s menus. Make sure there are highchairs if there will be babies at the reception.

Last-minute confirmation with vendors

Check in with all vendors– stylists, florists, photographer… – to ensure that you are all on the same page. A quick call should suffice.

Make sure all vendors have an up-to-date schedule of the day’s events with all timings, venue addresses, and contact telephone numbers.

You may need to provide vendors with detailed maps of all venues, especially for limo and minibus drivers.

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