Your wedding cake, a sweet treat


Your wedding cake is an important symbolic part of the day, and it needs to taste and look fantastic! It is a symbol of your love and happiness, and should reflect your personality as a couple.

The cake should be created to mirror the style of your wedding. If you have planned an achingly romantic wedding, the cake should reflect this romanticism with flowers, cherubs and swags of ribbon. If you have gone for a simple, contemporary wedding, then your cake should have clean lines and minimal but stunning decoration.

The season you are getting married in also affects the cake you choose. If you plan a midsummer wedding in a hot climate, avoid chocolate, cream or delicate spun sugar decoration!

You might prefer a cake with several tiers in different flavors to cater for different tastes. You also may want to order a separate groom’s cake to please the men at the wedding.

Many couples save one tier of the cake for the baptism of their first child.

Ask your chosen cake baker how far in advance you need to order your wedding cake. Some kinds of cake require a long lead time, particularly rich fruit cakes.

Consider ordering personalized cake boxes printed with your names from your stationery company to send to guests who cannot attend the wedding.

cake-bakerWedding cake bakers

When visiting wedding cake bakers, ask if you can sample their cakes, which incidentally is a wonderful way to spend a fun afternoon together as a couple. A family member or friend may offer to make and ice your cake. Whether you accept this offer depends on whether you have ever tried their wares, or if other people can recommend them.

Do not feel obliged to accept their offer just because you are grateful for their suggestion. If they insist, allow them to gift you a second cake that you can save for the christening of your first child, or to supplement your main wedding cake.

Whatever cake you choose, you can be sure it will be one of the highlights of your wedding day!

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