Picking attendants and witnesses for your wedding

Who will be my bridesmaids and your best man?

As soon as you get engaged, you may want to start thinking about who to pick to be your bridesmaids, page boys, best man, groomsmen, witnesses, etc.

You should let the people you have chosen know your intentions as soon as possible to ensure that they will be available on the possible date you have in mind for your wedding.




Even if you do not want hordes of bridesmaids walking down the aisle behind you, most brides like to have at least one attendant on their wedding day. This could be your sister or best friend. It is her responsibility to support you and make you feel extra special. She can also serve as your witness if required.

If you want young children as attendants, it is preferable to have an adult accompanying them. Keep their families informed of what you expect of child bridesmaids, pageboys and flower girls, so that they cope better with the buildup to the wedding.

Never feel obliged to choose attendants because of family or social pressure! It is your wedding day and you must feel comfortable with your bridal party.

Do make sure you choose attendants who you know you will still be in touch with in the future.


The best man and groomsmen

Being a groomsman is an important job as there are several important duties to carry out before and after the wedding day, including organizing the bachelor party, looking after the rings, getting the groom to the ceremony on time, and making a speech at the reception. The best man will probably also serve as a witness.

Try to keep your attendants informed of all decisions so that they feel involved in the wedding plans, and accept any reasonable offers of help. For instance, your adult bridesmaids may offer to make wedding favors or address wedding invitations.

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