Your bridal shower, a day of gifts and girlfriends


Most brides in the US have a bridal shower where they are given small gifts by their girlfriends.

Your chief bridesmaid or maid of honor is usually the person responsible for organizing your bridal shower, and it is often a surprise (albeit an expected one!). If is not going to be a surprise, you will need to send a guest list to the person organizing the event. She may not know everybody on the list.

You will also need to have coordinated diaries to make sure you are free on the planned day of the event.

Showered with gifts

A gift list may also be sent out, or a suggestion for a gift theme. For example, a pink shower, a kitchen shower…

However, the wedding planning section is perhaps not the right place to discuss the bridal shower, as it is not the bride's job to organize it!

bridal shower e cards

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