Planning and booking your perfect honeymoon


Perhaps you want an adventurous, exotic, romantic, or relaxing honeymoon, or a combination of all four!

Plan your perfect honeymoon with Publiboda’s honeymoon special, or find out more about honeymoon cruises where the only decision you have to make each morning is what to eat for breakfast...

Your honeymoon should be a time to spend special time together, just the two of you, so you may prefer not to plan the trip of a lifetime where you rush here there and everywhere, but instead take time to enjoy your time together.


Visit your doctor well in advance to enquire about vaccinations and malaria prevention if you are going to an exotic overseas destination, and get the shots as far in advance of your wedding as possible as some shots cause a rash or flu-like symptoms.

Future brides may wish to discuss contraception and family planning with their clinic, or review their birth control options. Even if your intention is to start your family immediately, you are advised to get professional guidance.

Apply for a passport or make sure existing passports are up-to-date if going overseas, and ask your travel agent if visas are required for overseas destinations. You may have to send off your passport to have the visas added, which takes time, so allow plenty of time.

Don’t forget to take out comprehensive travel insurance and healthcare cover.

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