A marriage proposal and engagement


"Will you marry me?"

A marriage proposal and engagement are just the beginning of a long and happy life together. This is just the start of the journey of planning your wedding and your new life!

After you become engaged, you may want to organize an engagement party, which can be as formal or as informal as you wish. You could organize the party so that it is a surprise for everybody. Your parents could send out invitations to a party without saying why it is being held. Do remember that engagement party guests should all be invited to the wedding.

The father of the bride usually makes a formal announcement of the engagement at the party and toasts the happy couple. The groom replies by toasting the health of both sets of parents. This may be the first time that the families have met, so provides the perfect opportunity for your nearest and dearest to become acquainted.

Most people do not give gifts at an engagement party, but if you do receive gifts, be sure to write a handwritten thank you note shortly afterwards.


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