Purchasing gifts for your bridal party

A gift to say “thank you” from the heart

Your bridesmaids, ring bearer, and groomsmen may feel that being chosen to play such an important role in your wedding is already a great honor in itself, but it is customary to give your attendants a special gift on your wedding day to say thank you for their love and support.

Ideally, when choosing gifts for your attendants, look for something that they can treasure forever and that will remind them of your friendship and your wedding day.

Gifts do not need to be expensive. What really matters is the thought and care that has gone into them.


Personalize your gifts

Whatever you choose, personalizing the gift makes it even more special. You can either do this yourself or go to a specialist company or website that personalizes gifts, such as Personalization Mall.

When do we give the gifts?

Gifts are usually given at the rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding. You could plan for the gifts to be worn as part of the attendant’s wedding outfit. For example, a tie pin for a best man, earrings for a bridesmaid, a dolly bag for a flower girl.

bridesmaid_gift_Personalization_MallGifts for your adult bridesmaids and maid of honor

The first thing to remember is that you do not need to buy the same gift for each bridesmaid. Set your budget for each person, and look for gifts that are suitable for each girl’s personality and taste within that price range.

The chances are that you know your bridesmaids and their tastes well so will have no difficulty in choosing a suitable gift for them, but if not, you can’t go wrong with jewelry such as earrings, a bracelet or necklace, or accessories such as a purse, wallet, barrettes or silk flower hair bands. Choose classic, timeless styles that work well for every woman and that will not go out of fashion in six months time. How about some pearl earrings or a gold chain?

The ideal bridesmaid gift, whatever your budget

If you are on a budget, why not purchase simple gifts and personalize them? For instance, hand embroider the bridesmaid’s name or initials onto a silk scarf or make-up pouch, or decorate a box with decoupage, using photos of you both to remind her of fun times together. A personalized photo album – perhaps they can use it for the wedding photos? – is another good choice.

If your bridesmaids like the best of everything, give them a little luxury with their favorite perfume, scented candles, spa products or silk lingerie. If they love food and wine, consider a hamper of gourmet foods, or a bottle of vintage champagne.

groomsman_gift_Personalization_MallGifts for groomsmen

The groom will want to show his appreciation to the men who stand by him at his wedding and should select the right gifts for his groomsmen based on what he knows of their hobbies and interests. The bride can help out but the final decision should be with the groom.

Some practical options are a personalized beer mug, pocket watch, golf equipment, Swiss Army knife, hip flask, cocktail shaker, engraved scotch glass, lighter, watch, compass or clock.

If you know your groomsmen love the finer things in life, consider a magnum of vintage wine, a bottle of single malt scotch, or a box of Havana cigars.

One word of advice: cufflinks and tie pins are only a good option for a guy who you know wears them, otherwise they’ll probably end up sitting in a drawer.

Gifts for flower girls and child bridesmaids

You can guarantee that your little flower girl and bridesmaids will never forget your wedding day, and a carefully chosen gift will make them feel even more special.

In general, most things pink, pretty and frilly will be a hit with little girls. Lockets, dolly bags, barrettes, teddies, charm bracelets, dolls, photo frames, jewelry boxes, t-shirts… choose something that they will be able to treasure forever.

Gifts for page boys and ring bearers

Little boys are somewhat harder to choose gifts for than little girls, but there are still many options for your ring bearer and page boys. How about a personalized yoyo, money bank, story book, baseball bat or jersey, puzzle, or St Christopher pendant?


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