Purchasing bridal lingerie and accessories


Bridal lingerie

It is better to wait until 4 or 5 months before the wedding to buy bridal lingerie as if you buy it too soon you may have lost weight and changed size by the time of your gown fitting.

Once you have purchased your lingerie and had your first fitting, be aware that any drastic changes in weight (either up or down but in the case of nervous brides, mostly down!) will affect the fit.

Bridal accessories

You will also need to buy your accessories: you may be looking for a veil, tiara or hairpiece, jewelry, perfume, handbag, fan, parasol, gloves…

If you find the perfect accessories during your wedding planning journey, then buy them there and then, but you may find you want to wait until you have finalized the details of your dress, shoes and flowers, meaning that you can bring together the whole look in a coordinated way.


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