Your wedding menu, the food of love


One of the best parts of wedding planning is sampling menus from your chosen hotel, restaurant or caterer!

Once you have paid the deposit for your catering, you will be invited to book a date when the events or catering manager offers you a tasting menu of all the dishes available within the price bracket that you have booked for your wedding.

You will be given the chance to sample a range of canapés, starters, entrees and desserts, accompanied by carefully-chosen wines if applicable. The difficult part comes when you are asked to rate each dish and wine and choose your favorites.

It is often possible to take your parents along to assist in your choices, and this a great chance to enjoy a delicious meal and evening out together.

What will you offer your guests?

You will probably already have a rough idea of what you would like to offer your guests, but it is fun to try everything with an open mind. You don’t necessarily have to play safe, but do bear in mind what you think the majority of your guests will enjoy. The best kind of wedding menu is one that appeals to most people’s tastes, but at the same time looks and tastes spectacular.

Some couples offer the same meal to all their guests, and others give a choice of several entrees; you will need to state this on the invitation and guests should send their preferences with the RSVP (or mark them on your wedding website if you have one!).

Don’t forget to ask about alternative menu options for vegetarian or vegan guests and those with special dietary requirements (kosher, nut allergies or diabetics, for instance) to ensure that they will be offered something special.

Check whether they offer a special children’s menu to cater for younger tastebuds.

Confirm the details

Once you have sampled menus, discussed the options and chosen the dishes, confirm the menu and the costs. If you order seasonal food like lobster, for example, the price may be higher nearer the day of the wedding so you will be expected to pay for.

You may want to ask certain questions such as how many servers are provided per guest, what they will be wearing, what is included in the service, and what is not. You will also need to inform them of precise timings and any extra items that you may require – for instance punch fountains, chocolate fountains, silverware, china, etc. If they do not provide or rent these items, you will need to research a rental company.

Enjoy choosing your wedding menu as a taster of what to expect on your wedding day!


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