The biggest day of your life has arrived!


The biggest day of your life is here at last!

  • Get someone to check the reception site early in the morning, and make any necessary calls to check that all systems are go.

  • On your wedding day, both bride and groom should eat at least a light breakfast before starting your preparations. It is going to be a long day, and you will need the energy.

  • Some brides drink a glass of champagne to toast their impending marriage, but go easy as it could make you lightheaded and cause facial redness.

  • After bathing or showering, go to the beauty salon and hairstylist’s, or have them come to your home.

  • Wear a button up shirt whilst having your make-up done, which you can then remove easily when it is time to put on your bridal gown.

  • Have a nail technician do your nails whilst having your make-up applied and your hair styled, relax and let yourself be pampered!

  • Get dressed at least one hour before you have to leave for the ceremony. This allows time for photographs and any urgent last minute adjustments.

  • Have photographs taken at home before leaving for the ceremony.

  • Remember that your guests will not notice the difference if some things don’t go exactly according to plan.

  • Forget your nerves, this is the biggest day of your life, ENJOY IT!


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