The night before your wedding


Your last dinner before becoming husband and wife!

On the eve of your wedding, after a run through of the wedding day, enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable dinner in the company of your family and friends knowing that everything is under control.

Brides are often too nervous to eat a lot at the rehearsal dinner, but ensure you eat a light meal as you will need the energy tomorrow.

It is wise not to drink alcohol or at least no more than one glass of wine, as alcohol dulls the complexion.

This is your last night as a single man or woman, enjoy the moment.

“See you at the altar”

If you live together, tradition says you should spend the night apart and not see each other on the day of the wedding until you finally meet at the ceremony venue, witnessed by your family and friends.

This is one tradition that it is a good idea to uphold whatever your beliefs, as it is a truly special moment to meet your future spouse at the altar, looking fabulous and waiting to become your partner for life.


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