Choosing a wedding planner

Do we really need a wedding planner?

Many couples think that hiring a wedding planner is an unnecessary expense, but those who have hired a wedding planner are delighted they did!

Having someone in charge of all the details on the day means that you can be a guest at your own wedding: you have made all the important decisions but don't have to run around ensuring that everything is running smoothly. Think of it like this: you hardly ever see the lead actor in a film working as the director as well!

Another advantage of hiring a wedding planner is that they have good relationships with vendors. They can help get you the very best deal, and save you many hours of research time and effort. Vendors generally like working on weddings that have wedding planners, as they know exactly what they are expected to do and who they need to liaise with before the wedding and on the big day itself, taking away any guesswork.

Hiring a wedding planner comes at a cost but you are almost certain to save money thanks to the planner's budgeting skills and experience. They will help you get the most out of your budget by pairing you up with vendors who match your budget. They can identify areas that are a priority to you, and help you cut costs in less important aspects.

A stress-free wedding

Many couples who both work full-time simply do not have time to organize every aspect of their wedding. Planning your wedding should be fun, and hiring a wedding planner means you get all the fun without all the stress! Wedding planners are experts in looking at a couple and knowing how to create an incredible day that matches their personality and style.

Some planners will organize everything for you down to the last detail if you wish, meaning that you can enjoy stress-free wedding planning and the perfect day. Another option is to organize your own wedding, but then hire a wedding day coordinator who takes care of everything on the day so that all you have to do is look incredible, get married, and have a fantastic day.

Wedding planners work to timelines for organizing the wedding and for the day itself. They have huge amounts of experience which helps them know just how long things realistically take, meaning your planned schedule really does go according to plan on the day. Your guests will really notice the difference. A wedding planner gives you peace of mind, and helps you anticipate potential problems before they arise.

If you want to hire a wedding planner, do your research and hire the planner as soon as possible; a wedding planner can only work on one wedding a day and good planners will be booked up months (or even years!) in advance.



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