Budgeting your wedding, and who pays for what?


The couple and their families need to determine how much money they have to spend on the wedding.

Remember that it is not worth getting into debt to achieve your dream wedding, as this is not the best way to start your married life. Incredible weddings can be organized on a budget!

Who pays for what?

You will also need to decide who is going to pay for what. Times have changed since the bride's parents paid for everything, and modern couples divide the financial responsibility between both sets of parents and the bride and groom themselves, especially if they both work or it is a second wedding. Some couples may choose to pay for the whole wedding.

Other family members may be keen to contribute, perhaps by providing a case of champagne or by baking and icing the wedding cake. This is typical amongst Hispanic families, where family members known as padrinos and madrinas are responsible for paying for certain aspects of the wedding, such as the flowers.


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