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You are engaged, and it's now time to start planning the all-important marriage ceremony at which you will become husband and wife!

The first, most important, task is to decide on the type of ceremony you wish to have: religious, civil, interfaith, humanist...

Then you need to choose a venue, which is often the place you worship if you want a religious wedding. Also consider the local courthouse, a beach, a historic house or your own home, or even a more unusual setting like up in a hot air balloon or under the sea whilst scuba diving.

Once you know the venue, you will be able to choose a ceremony officiant. This will most likely be your priest, minister or rabbi at a religious wedding, and it should be someone who you feel comfortable with.

The details will gradually start coming together, and you and your future spouse should think about the words that will be spoken and sung at your wedding: hymns, readings, psalms, vows...

Read Publiboda's articles on planning your wedding ceremony, especially written and designed for you to help you plan the perfect day.


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