One month before your wedding, finalize the details

All systems go for your ceremony

A month or so before the wedding you will need to go through all the details with your religious advisor or officiant and ensure that everything is in place for your wedding ceremony.

Inform the church of the hymns and music that you have decided upon as they will need to tell the organist and/or choir.

Let the officiant know of any plans for readings or musicians and discuss the vows that you will be taking.

Check what you need to pay for the ceremony and whether you need cash or check. If it is possible to pay in advance, do so.

Confirm the time for the wedding rehearsal the day before the wedding, and make sure the officiant and his or her spouse has received their invitation to the rehearsal dinner.

There are just a few weeks to go until you and your beloved make your solemn wedding vows to one another!


Touch base with your wedding suppliers

You will have discussed most important details with your wedding vendors when you signed the contracts, but it is important to ensure that any questions that arose have been dealt with.

There is still time to iron out any issues that need addressing before the countdown to the wedding begins in earnest. If you have hired a wedding planner, she will probably do this for you for added peace of mind.

Once all your questions have been answered, relax and take a deep breath, everything is under control!

Finalize the timings

You should already have a draft document of the timings and schedules throughout the day, but you will need to finalize all the details based on consultation with your officiant, vendors and wedding planner, if you have hired one.

Send a copy of your event schedule to all vendors. This gives them time to come back to you with feedback and suggestions. Don’t forget that they have done this hundreds of times before, so any advice they can give you now should usually be accepted graciously.

Everyone in the wedding party needs to know what is expected of them, where and when, so make sure you add as much detail as possible to the timeline. This has to be done before you can proceed to printing out wedding programs, etc.

One major rule is to be absolutely sure that you have accounted for every planned event, and have allotted enough time for everything. Never underestimate how long things may take, and build in a certain amount of room for maneuver to avoid rushing and panic on the big day.

Finalize the guest list

By now you will have received RSVP cards or confirmation on your wedding website from most of your guests so you can start to finalize your guest list.

Call any guests that you haven’t received RSVPs from two or three weeks before the wedding, as some people leave it to the last minute, or the reply may have got lost in the mail!

Get organized now, and have a relaxed, stress-free wedding day!

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