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Have you ever wondered how you can make yourself more attractive to potential dates or mates, without going under the surgeon's knife?

Do you obsess about what you look like? Everyone does this at some point during their lives to a greater or lesser extent. It is totally normal to feel dissatisfied with your appearance, different parts of your body, and how attractive you are to others from time to time, but it should not rule your life, and there are ways of improving on “what God gave you”. How you feel about yourself has an impact when it comes to dating and finding your future mate. Your level of attractiveness is not just about your physical appearance, however, and your personality plays a part in influencing how others see you. Your level of confidence and your social skills can also spark attraction and passion in potential lovers, leaving them intrigued and wanting to come back for more.

You may be surprised to hear that the parts of our looks that we cannot change do not drive these potential dates or mates away. If this were the case, the human race would surely have died out long ago! Possessing a perfectly proportioned figure or classic face certainly helps in the attraction stakes, but this is not as important as other things that you can easily change.

In one study, scientists looked at what makes somebody attractive, focusing on stable features like body type and height compared to changeable features like grooming and clothes. They found that the most attractive features were related to self care, which includes things like good grooming, neat hair, well-fitting quality clothing, good posture, and a healthy weight. So if you shower, wear decent clothes, stand tall, and stay healthy, you are halfway there, with no need for plastic surgery, hours spent in the gym or drastic diets! Also considered important were masculinity, generally as regards muscles, shoulder width, larger chest, and a bigger jaw; femininity, generally as regards makeup, longer hair, and greater femininity; and finally pleasantness, meaning being happy, positive, and friendly in attitude.

It's starting to look like being attractive is easier than you think. Just keep up with as many of these changeable features as you can.

Grooming: shower, style your hair, and shave or pluck unwanted hair. Stay clean, neat, and make sure you smell good (without overdoing it). Grooming alone can make or break how attractive you are, even the best-looking won’t get the partner of their dreams if they are need of a good wash!

Clothes: your clothing needs to be clean and neat, well-fitting, and a little classy. Red is considered the most attractive color.

Posture: don’t forget to stand up straight with your shoulders back. Good posture is a key part of the body language we use to date and flirt.

Attitude: wear a happy face! A smile can overshadow any physical shortcomings. Everyone can name an “ugly” person with a gorgeous partner, and you can almost guarantee that it’s their personality that was initially attractive. Be pleasant, positive, and friendly.

Fitness: this doesn’t mean you need perfect pecs or washboard abs, it just means staying at a healthy weight for your height, and doing enough exercise (walking counts!) to ensure a basic level of fitness so that you can do everyday activities like climbing the stairs without puffing and breaking into a sweat. Remember that standing tall has the magical effect of helping you look slimmer too.

Masculinity or femininity: everyone’s idea of “masculine” and “feminine” is very different, but here are some ideas. The clothes you wear can help you look more masculine, and a beard can help hide weak facial features. To look more feminine, try accentuating your eyes and lips with makeup and get a great haircut and color that flatters your style.

So the conclusion is that if you take good care of yourself, you won’t need surgery, implants, hours working out at the gym… Good grooming, clothes, health, and posture all play their part to making you look and feel sexy and attractive, all helped along by your personality and a healthy dose of inner confidence.

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