How to attract men

Some tips on how to attract the man of your dreams!

- Always smile, as it is the most attractive thing in a person.

- Don’t sit alone, with your arms crossed, or leaning against the wall.

- Surprise him by asking for his telephone number.

- Don’t look around everywhere for someone to get it on with, as you will just end up looking desperate.

- Don’t go out with the idea of meeting a guy, but instead, of having a great time with your girlfriends.

- Don’t be a diva, as guys get tired of having to do all the running.


 - If you like the look of someone, look him in the eyes and smile at him to make your intentions clear.

- Enjoy talking to your friends, dancing or having dinner. You will look more attractive if you look like you are not interested in meeting someone.

- The best color for a woman who wishes to attract a man is peachy-pink. If you want to attract men who are looking to meet someone and are not afraid of a strong woman, wear red.

- To attract a man, women should wear perfumes that contain cinnamon and vanilla.


Don’t show everything you are and everything you’ve got... Play hard to get a little and then let yourself go a little... Mysterious women are very interesting for men who are looking for something different in their lives. Their very way of speaking captivates and they always leave something to the imagination...!

If this is you or if you like this air of mystery, speak to him looking into his eyes, look down from time to time, act a little shy, move your hair gently, act unhurried, do not raise your voice, do not use ugly words and also pay attention...

Make yourself desirable, and don’t give in to all his requests at the very start, don’t talk much about your life or show too much interest… This technique works every time.


If your style is exotic and glamorous, work on your image as a sexy, strong woman. Wherever you go you will be the center of attention, although take care not to be too aggressive so that men want to get to know you better beyond a quick fling...


If you have a talent for comedy and make everybody laugh, make the most of it! This could be one of your biggest weapons in the search for love. No need to tell dumb jokes, simply laugh at yourself and impress him with your witty remarks. Avoid sarcasm, often called the lowest form of wit.

This way you’ll get a guy who values a good sense of humor and who likes to have fun in life. But don’t fall into the trap of being simply seen as the “funny girl”. Make sure you retain an air of mystery and seduction to be the ideal woman! Funny, sexy, exciting, confident – who will be able to resist you?

Be yourself and good luck finding the perfect man for you!

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