How to attract women

Some tips on how to attract the woman of your dreams!

- Be the center of attention by standing in the center of the room, making the biggest impact on potential dates. In bars, the best place to be seen is at the corner of the bar, and the worst, by the wall or sitting at a table.

- Don’t talk to your friends all the time. Be alone from time to time.

- Men should wear blue clothes, as this color transmits seriousness and security. Green or yellow are not recommended if you have love in mind.

- Show interest in the other person, ask open questions, don’t just talk about yourself. Talk about your profession, job or hobby as something interesting. Unless you are talking to a fellow intellectual, don’t get into topics that are too deep. Don’t tell your whole life story on the first meeting, leave something interesting for a future occasion. Maintain a slight air of mystery. Don’t talk about past relationships, be discreet.

- Always have a genuine smile on your face to show that you are having fun, but without overdoing it.

- Don’t chew gum, ice or your fingernails, it transmits anxiety.

- Don't forget that we are all different and are looking for different things. Find out what the other person wants and adapt the way you go about things.

- Remember that giving a gift maintains a friendship, and could lead to something more.

- According to studies, women are attracted to the scent of black licorice, peppermint and vanilla.

- The biggest aphrodisiac for women is a man who transmits the impression that he is self-assured.

- Don’t make it look like you are too available, as we all value more what it is harder to get.

- Make her realize that you have never met anyone so special and different.

- Understand the signals that indicate you should leave the person alone and take the hint. Don’t be annoying. If she is constantly looking around, it’s time to make an exit.

- Don’t get too far into her personal space if you haven’t been invited in.

- Be a realist and don’t waste time with people that are obviously out of your league.

- Act a little indifferent at the start, as this often increases interest.

- Be patient, don’t look desperate.

Be yourself and good luck finding the perfect woman for you!

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