How to keep her passion alive

In love there are no rules, manuals or instruction books. The best way of winning over a woman is by being imaginative, generous and giving her attention, kisses and caresses. And the most important thing is to convince her that she is your Perfect 10.

passionWorship her body

Many men believe that foreplay is an unnecessary distraction. Major error! No woman is capable of resisting a man who loves her body, who caresses her, passing his hands over every inch. If he also uses his hair, his hands, his lips or his tongue to give her extra caresses, her passion will triple. There is nothing more sensual.

Respect her body

If she is worried about her cellulite and is always changing her position to hide her thighs from her partner’s eyes and hands, sex will suffer. Bury this complex by taking the time to prove to her that her body delights you. Why would you dedicate so much time to a woman who is not attractive?

Something "extra"

A well-chosen toy or film with a couple of sexy scenes can change a couple’s sex life overnight. You will be inspired to be more innovative and more imaginative, which is always exciting. Make sure you know your partner’s limits, however. The idea isn’t to frighten her off!

Find her erogenous zones

Some men think that all women have the same needs in bed, but this is certainly not the case. The best way of finding out is by listening, looking and learning. If she is good at expressing herself, she can help you find the way. But if not, you will have to be more subtle and concentrate on details like how she breathes, how her pupils dilate when she is excited, how her jaw suddenly relaxes…

Avoid routine

Even the very best orgasm can be boring if it is the same every night. Therefore, use your favorite position to get things started, and when things hot up and get more intense, look for other ways of having fun.

Female pleasure

When a woman masturbates freely in front of her partner, her pleasure increases and she feels desired. This also helps her other half take note of the most sensitive parts of her body so that he can use this knowledge on future occasions in bed.

Sensual smell

It is proven that the sense of smell plays one of the most important roles in eroticism and attraction. The best thing to do is to put on a few drops of cologne so that your image will come into her mind every time she smells it. Vanilla room scent or candles work well, as this aroma is a sexual stimulant.

Send a sexy message

Calling a woman or sending an email to confirm a date prepares the ground and increases expectations. And if, in addition, the message is raunchy and gives clues as to what you will do when you see her, passion is guaranteed.

Be generous

Pleasure is about two people. The best thing to do is to ask her directly how, where and when she prefers you to kiss and stroke her. Don’t be in a hurry to get your own pleasure, without considering hers.