How to keep his passion alive

Passion is the motor of life, emotions, and above all, love. Looking after the flame, nurturing it, protecting it and turning it into a raging fire is the way to stop your relationship from getting into a rut.

passionChange location

Bed is without a doubt the most comfortable place for passion. The car is perhaps the most contrived, and least comfortable. But it’s a passion killer if your love-making always takes place within the same four walls. Other options: moonlit caresses, kisses in the countryside and perhaps something more, with the beach as a silent witness to your passion.

Invent your own “code”

Complicity is one of passion’s most faithful allies. It is therefore a good idea to invent a new language that only the two of you know. For example, think of another way of saying “I want you” or “I want to make love to you” that you can both say when you are around other people but want your partner to know your intentions.

Original caresses

All parts of the body can be caressed. Even your eyelashes can incite passion if you open and close them quickly, fluttering over parts of your partner’s body – so-called butterfly kisses. Start by doing it over the face, neck and then… the only limitation is your imagination.

For your eyes only

All guys love to feel special, and they adore it when their partner does something exclusively for them. A removable tattoo in a secret place, or “forgetting” to wear underwear one night will get his heart racing.

Remind him of what you did

The other night was fantastic, incredible… Why not tell your partner? Calling him or leaving a message on his phone to say how great it was will motivate him to come back for more.

Make foreplay last, and last…

Kiss and nibble his ear, but when he wants to go further, make him wait. Prolonging the preliminaries will increase his desire and when the moment arrives, he will enjoy it even more.

Make him “suffer” a little

When he is ready to finish, stop or change the rhythm. Repeat this several times, and when the moment comes, it will be much more intense, perhaps the best he has ever had.

Take turns in the driving seat

Play games in the bedroom. For example, one of you is in the driving seat one day, and the other has to do everything he is asked to do. This power play is great fun between the sheets. Next time, change roles.

A look of passion

Romance normally starts with a look, so don’t forget to keep up this healthy habit once you’ve got your man in your net. Looking at him with intense desire at all times and in all situations will make your partner feel a cold shiver down his spine, creating passion between the two of you.


Geishas say that drinking mint tea before making love multiplies pleasure. The freshness of mint and eucalyptus is very exciting. Chew gum or eat a candy in either flavor before getting down to business.

A sensual bath

Soap your partner, give him a head massage, spread shower gel all over his body… The bath or shower gives you a whole range of fun and loving possibilities.

Exchange messages

Letters, telephone, email or mobile messages are forms of communication that can be used to spice things up beforehand. Tell him what is waiting for him tonight, and he won’t be able to wait.

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