Improving your orgasms (for women)

Do you have problems reaching orgasm? Here are some tips that should leave you with a smile on your lips…

Be self-confident

Most women suffer from some kind of complex: cellulite here, wrinkles there… making it impossible to truly enjoy being naked in front of her partner. Start to love yourself: your guy loves your curves and your defects because he loves the whole of you. Stop worrying over nothing and change your mindset: you don’t need to look like a cover girl to enjoy a rich and satisfying love life with your partner. Normal women truly shine when they start to enjoy their sex life and when they are convinced that they are attractive inside and out.

Use your hands

Get to know your body, and gain control over your orgasms. Women who masturbate regularly are more likely to reach orgasm with their partner. When you are about to reach climax, try to stiffen your body; this way you can reach orgasm five or six times.trucos y pareja


The best way to reach orgasm again is by asking your partner to start with caresses and sex games before penetration. For most women, oral sex is the easiest way to come: the combination of different and repeated stimulation and the extra lubrication given by saliva never fails. A lover who knows how to use his tongue holds the key to female pleasure and can bring a woman to orgasm time and time again.

Experiment with positions

Each position gives a different kind of friction on a woman’s most intimate parts. By combining different positions you can stimulate different areas that lead directly to orgasm when you are excited. You don’t need to learn the Kama Sutra (although it is recommended to give you and your partners some fresh ideas). Try to combine different positions during sex, and feel the results!

Take responsibility for your orgasms

It is not your partner’s fault if you have never had more than one orgasm. Start by analyzing your attitude to sex. Ask your partner to help you. You too can be “multi-orgasmic”, don’t settle for less. If you roll over and go to sleep after the first orgasm, you will never experience these multiple sensations. Once you have had the first, don’t relax. Change position and go for the second!

Train every day

Athletes train for several hours a day to win events and beat records. All you need are a few minutes to practice vaginal exercises to keep your sexual muscles toned.