Tips and advice: Relationships

How to keep his passion alive

Passion is the motor of life, emotions, and above all, love. Looking after the flame, nurturing it, protecting it and turning it into a raging fire... Read more

How to keep her passion alive

In love there are no rules, manuals or instruction books. The best way of winning over a woman is by being imaginative, generous and giving her attention, kisses and caresses... Read more

How to attract women

Be the center of attention by standing in the center of the room, making the biggest impact on potential dates... Read more

How to attract men

Always smile, as it is the most attractive thing in a person. Don’t sit alone, with your arms crossed, or leaning against the wall... Read more

How to take your birth control pill properly

Many women take contraceptive pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy but a high percentage of them do not take their pills properly... Read more

Separation and reconciliation

The reasons (infidelities, cheating, arguments, lies…) behind a separation are often traumatic or painful for one or both parties in the relationship, and resentment stops the couple from getting back together even when in many cases they are still in love... Read more

Sexuality and the heart

The romantic cliché “you make my heart race” is based on fact. During sexual relations, major changes take place in the circulatory system... Read more

Preventing a breakup

“I can’t live with you, I can’t live without you”. There are many couples who love and desire one another but are simply incapable of living together... Read more

Improving your orgasms

Do you have problems reaching orgasm? Here are some tips that should leave you with a smile on your lips... Read more