Preventing a breakup


Learn how to argue! Did you know that a good argument can actually be healthy for a relationship?

The best thing that anyone can do to improve the health of his or her relationship is to learn how to argue effectively with constructive criticism. Avoiding conflict is the first step to the divorce courts. Not battling out problems, and letting them grow and thrive is the worst possible thing we can do. The tension and stress in the atmosphere has to find a form of release, which is usually when the relationship starts to break down and the real problems start. Couples need to learn how to discuss their differences without affecting their relationship.

Don’t forget that you do not always have to agree with your partner, and a certain level of disagreement is healthy and normal. Most couples tend to fight over the same things: money, household chores, time, "the bedroom", priorities, and children. Some differences are irreconcilable and a solution that suits both of you will never be found, but don’t let them become the center of your relationship. The two of you will sometimes have to agree to disagree.

A couple that tries to repair the damage through a healthy argument that clears the air is more likely to be able to recover and move on, instead of continuing with simmering resentment that inevitably leads to a breakup.

Give your love another chance

“I can’t live with you, I can’t live without you”…

There are many couples who love and desire one another but are simply incapable of living together. The reason is that they cannot resolve any problems that arise during their relationship. The secret is to learn how to argue effectively, to put your problems on the table and to negotiate. But this is not an easy skill to learn. When a couple reaches deadlock, it is worth talking to a professional relationship counselor or therapist.

One of the techniques used by therapists consists of getting the couple together. One of them is given a chance to speak, with the condition that the other does not interrupt and try to give solutions to the problem. When one person has finished speaking, the other has to explain what he or she has heard. In this way, the person who has spoken can correct any misunderstandings. There are two golden rules to this technique: both have to be prepared to work hard to make themselves understood clearly and the person who is listening must not prepare a counterattack, but should instead try to understand the other person’s position.

If your relationship is on the rocks but you both feel it is worth saving, learn to argue effectively, get therapy, and give your love another chance.

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